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detrieux 01-11-03 01:39 PM

Home made toe warmers
Yesterday, I rode home from work with temperatures at 32 F 15 to 20 MPH wind, ride was 35 minutes had on my MTB shoes, two pair of socks and a plastic bag over the socks to block the wind.
My toes were cold after the ride. Not painful but just uncomfortable and they had a red appearance.

Finally got to try out the home made toe warmers (wore the same socks, shoes and plastic bag as yesterday) this morning. Conditions were 15 F to 19 F, wind of 15 to 25 MPH, out for 45 minutes, and no cold toes. This was a first time that I have ridden for this long in these conditions and my toes were still warm. These toe warmers did the job.

This all started with an old insulated (thinsulate imitation) Starter jacket (outside material on the jacket is wind resistant but not water proof) the son grew out of and the zipper on the side was shot. Took my MTB shoe and stuck in in the arm to see how if fit. Decided that the arm was a little to big for the shoe and this made it just perfect. Cut the sleeves off the jacket at about 12 inches, opened the sleeves by cutting along the seam. Fit this around the toe of the shoe marked it with a marker, then dear wife sewed it together from the inside and turned it with the outside showing. Left room for the cleat (SPD). One just has a cut out, the other has a slot that goes all the way from the cleat to the end of the toe wamer. The finished product just covers the shoe back to the top of the laces.
Put elastic straps that came around the heel of the shoe. Worked great and look oh so weird. I will take warmth over looks any day.

So find an old coat, and get started experimenting with your own toe warmers. Just make sure they fit in the arm of the coat with a little extra room.

Just thought I needed to share this with the group.

Steve in Ottawa 01-15-03 09:11 AM

What a great idea! I use GoreTex booties, they cut the wind well, however, they don't do much for the cold. I find it really hard to keep me feet warm when using clipless pedals. Now I realize what I really need are coats for my feet.

Now the hunt is on for an old winter coat. I wonder if I could find an old Beaver coat ;)

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