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nikos 01-12-03 09:05 AM

Best all around Nokian for ice/snow/pavement/ice ruts.
Im back and forth between the mount and ground and the hakkapelitta tires. Ready the Peter White website on the tires, the m&g are best for ruts on bad plowed sections of travel - with the studs being more on the outside. The Hak tire being better for black ice - with the studs being more down the center. Well on my commute I have a mix of problems. I have pavement (plowed city roads) about 2 miles. Then I hit a plowed bike path that can be packed down snow (1 mile). Then I get onto a bike path that is not plowed during the winter, giving me a mix of packed and black ice/ and ice-snow ruts - when the temp goes up and down. Also some fluffy snow until the packing can be done by bikers. (this path is the longest at 6 miles). So between the two tires, what would be the best for all around conditions? Cound I run the g& m at a low pressure and have the studs bite on icy days. Then run the pressure high on days the studs are not really needed, verses the hak tire that will contact the studs no matter what.

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