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jacques 01-22-03 02:03 PM

happy to be a newbie
Hi everybody! So glad i've found this site!!! I dont feel like some kind of winter weirdo on wheels anymore.I' m back on winter rides after a long journey in lazyland... it started when i bought a car two years ago .Its minus 25c here,wich is about -37 with the wind factor,i believe.I moved from Montreal to the beautifull laurantians,land of ski mountains,lakes and deers walking around your house. Check the link,its a race happening right now in Quebec,the racers alternate between bike,ski and snowshoes under severe conditions,on the second day,they stopped the race, one of the participant have felled down in the river and her team got lost.

Bikedud 01-22-03 02:51 PM

Boy, you make me feel like a real wimp. I didn't ride Saturday because the high was only going to be 35 degrees F. And that's 35 above zero. I keep telling myself that I didn't feel well. :)


Bikedud 01-22-03 02:55 PM


And that's 35 above zero
See I'm not well. I should have said. That's 3 degrees above freezing.

Oh well. "Tomorrow is another day"

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