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Prosody 02-07-03 04:36 PM

Beautiful Day
It's a beautiful day in eastern Missouri--sunny, clear blue skies--but the high temperature so far has been 18 degrees F. I haven't been out riding since Sunday, when the high was around 65 F. I was tempted to try riding today, but I decided against it. I just do not have the stuff to keep myself warm in this temperature. Maybe tomorrow, if the high makes it to 39 degrees F., as forecast.

Mockpo 02-17-03 08:54 AM

Thats a real cold day for Missouri isn't it? Thats like Chicago weather.

This is my first year of all-season riding but Im starting to like it. 15 degree with 25mph winds have been my coldest yet (wimpy compared to others here).

Prosody 02-17-03 09:45 AM

St. Louis weather is just plain odd. Temps were in the high 40s F. last week, then it sleeted Saturday, snowed Sunday. By Wednesday or Thursday, temps will be above 50 F. The transitions between seasons usually bring roller-coaster temperatures.

Some winters, especially in the early 1980s, have been frigid, with weeks at a time of artic temperatures. The past several winters, though, have been generally warm. This one has had a few longer cold snaps, but we've also had a few days with spring-like temperatures in December and January. Summers often bring stretches of killer heat. Go figure.

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