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DavidLee 09-05-06 10:06 AM

Platforms or Clip-less?
As the title ask, platforms or clip-less? Also what conditions are the norm for Winter in your area?

legot73 09-05-06 11:53 AM

This will be my first winter commuting more than a few blocks. My pedal is a platform with SPD clipless on one side. That gets me clipless for commuting, and platform for local errands and heavy winter boots if I need them.

My winter conditions are typically 0-20F, 10mph wind, 45" of snow throughout winter, salt, and occasional frozen snow melt.

staehpj1 09-05-06 12:04 PM

Neoprene shoe covers and clipless work Ok for me

ghettocruiser 09-07-06 08:20 AM

I've had some success and failure with both in various winter conditions.

CastIron 09-07-06 03:04 PM

The only time I have problems with clip-less is in heavy 'mashed potatoes' snow. No matter what you run, THAT sucks.

Portis 09-07-06 04:41 PM

Clipless down to around 20 F, then down to platforms. My Lake winter shoes are no good below 20 F.

Ken Cox 09-10-06 03:15 PM

I use pedals with platforms on one side and SPD cleats on the other side.

Shimano PD-M324 ATB Pedal

When I get into really rutted ice and snow, I clip out, flip over, and use the platform side of the pedal so that I can easily get free and put a foot down if I need to do so.

CBBaron 09-11-06 07:54 AM

I ride a fixie so clipless is the best way to go. I don't trust myself with platforms on a fixe for more than a couple miles.
I live in snowy Cleveland. We get between 50 and 100 inches of the white stuff a year but the low temps seldom drop below 10F and are usually above 20F. I've use shoe covers in the past but bought Lake MXZ301s for this winter.

G. Bucci 09-16-06 08:16 AM

I ride clipless all year. Never had a problem in winter. As far as conditions, -30C.

Ken Cox 09-16-06 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by GB
I ride clipless all year. Never had a problem...

Two years ago while riding clipless on my non-studded bike I had a front tire go out from underneath me.
I went down so fast I couldn't clip out.
I broke four ribs and punctured a lung.
I lost a month of work and almost lost my job.
This year, I got the bike pulled out from underneath me by ice ruts, even with studs, and, because I had my feet on the platform side, I managed a nice fall without injury.
When it gets really bad, I clip out and flip over to the platform side.

Tom Stormcrowe 09-16-06 05:43 PM

Platforms, clip and strap and neoprene boots with a traction sole.

Hezz 09-16-06 11:59 PM

Last year I used clipless pedals with some Answer Kashmirs and also some bargan basement hiking boots that I added SPD clips to. THe Kashmirs are really comfortable but not warm enough below 35 F without extra things like neoprene socks and thick wool socks over the that.

The hiking boots were not loose enough fitting to keep my feet warm and although they worked reasonably well due to a stiff sole the soft rubber sole next to the SPD clip made for too soft a surface for best clipping in and out.

This year I have an idea that I think will work better than all the expensive winter cycling boots made. It will be lighter, warmer and cheaper. But not more waterproof, which isn't really an issue for me when it's below freezing.

sswartzl 09-19-06 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by Ken Cox
I use pedals with platforms on one side and SPD cleats on the other side.

Shimano PD-M324 ATB Pedal

+1 for the M324's. I just started riding clipless, and I got those on the commuter bike specifically because of winter riding. We'll see how low the temp can go before the feet will freeze even with wool socks and the show covers. When that happens, I break out these. Never had any frozen feet with them last year.

Severian 09-19-06 07:15 PM

There's no option for Crank Brothers Mallets?

kuan 09-20-06 05:58 AM

In real winter conditions, platforms and boots.

Halfstep 09-20-06 08:52 AM

I ride platforms year round. Straps in the summer, just the platforms (with boots) in the winter.

As for conditions, we get snow, ice, rain, slush and "lake effect" storms throughout the winter. My wife has some lovely footage of me heading down our unplowed road with my feet alternately disappearing and reappearing as I head out. Of course, the camera is a little shakey from her mockulatory laughter.

Ms. Tude 09-21-06 01:05 PM

My commute is in a busy city --- and snowy too. Definitely platform all the way. I have powergrips, kind of thinking about putting them on though.

But definitely when I get out to play in the snow it will be platforms.

Have to get working on some shoe/boots to wear though.

mlts22 09-21-06 03:25 PM

Mallets or M324s for me.

The only disadvantages of these is if you are a weight freak (I don't care, as I'm at the stage that the weight I need to lose is on me rather than my bike), and are riding technical terrain that such a big pedal might get caught.

They are the best of both worlds. If you absolutely don't care to grab your clipless shoes, you can grab anything that gives traction and still go on your daily ride.

zoridog 09-21-06 03:45 PM

I tried platforms once and never looked back. Great for commuting!

DavidLee 09-23-06 08:26 AM

Interesting replies. I just bought some power grips for my hybrid & been trying those out. Not bad but I find myself always adjusting my feet, it's kind of distracting. I have clipless for my road bike but don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on winter clipless boots. I may just go back to my almighty Nashbar Land Cruiser platforms on my hybrid for winter mush & buy a shoe one size too large to accommodate some winter socks for my road bike. I also see some people are keen to the clipless sandle/waterproof sock combo. That's worth a look at as well I suppose.

Thanks for your replies all. :)

idcruiserman 09-30-06 11:11 PM

I use clipless with neoprene covers. Add gallon sized ziplock bags over the socks as needed.

Ziemas 10-01-06 12:38 AM

Platforms with PowerGrips so I can wear big boots that keep my feet warm.

squeakywheel 10-01-06 05:52 AM

I answered "platform" because that's what I used last winter on my SS MTB main commuter. I'm thinking of all 3 options for this year. I have PowerGrips on my SS road bike and clipless on my geared road bike. I have really enjoyed the PowerGrips this summer.

The PowerGrips might be better for winter because you can slide your foot partially out and still have your foot on the pedal. I can see doing that on treacherous patches where I'm worried about losing it.

Clipless in winter only makes sense to me with studded tires. Otherwise, I think there is too much risk for injury on ice. The Shimano 324's might be a good option. Just clip-out and use the platform side when you find the road is too icy.

RomSpaceKnight 10-06-06 01:13 AM

Clipless with temps ranging from 2'C to -32'C and snowfall accumulations of 2" to 2'. Southwestern Ontario.

Golf XRay Tango 10-06-06 09:10 PM

Last year was my first full winter of riding. We didn't get a whole lot of snow here in Toronto, so I was comfortable with clipless, cycling shoes and neoprene booties. I didn't ride on the three or four days we got more than 10cm of snow.

It was a blast riding in light snow though :)

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