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Ronocerous 09-27-06 07:01 AM

Winter Brakes

My rig has Avid V-Brakes, the levers are Ti (titanium). Will the titanium withstand the cold (-20 C) ok? Thanks


KrisA 09-27-06 09:10 AM

I'd say so... only one way to find out though! Sounds like you have a nice bike if it has ti Avid's, perhaps a winter beater would be an option?

Have you winter ridden in Regina before? It's rather tough on bikes. The worst I've found are the roads where they use a potash/salt mix on. They are wet even when it's -15C and the stuff is highly corrosive. I wouldn't dream of riding either of my good bikes through that crap. Regarding the cold, the only thing I've had break due to cold were cheap SRAM grip shifters that exploded in the course of their first winter.

Ronocerous 09-27-06 09:23 AM

Hi and thanks for the response. This will be my third winter riding in Regina. The bike isn't that good, actually, I'm just upgrading the brakes (and shifters). They need to be replaced and the avids are the ones I happened to get.


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