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DogBoy 09-27-06 09:55 AM

Hydro disc brakes and cold weather
When I think hydro I think oil. When I think oil and cold I think sludge. Does anyone have any experience with cold rides (-5 to 5 F, -20 to -15 C) and hydro brakes? I'm wondering if they get sticky or have other difficulties or if its just fine.

I'm contemplating a bike purchase and one option is mechanical disc brakes, the other hydraulic.

ghettocruiser 09-27-06 10:27 AM

My olde Hayes with DOT brake fluid felt the same as in the summer... at least as much as I could tell with thick gloves on. The avids with mineral oil seemed a bit more vague-feeling, but that could have been in my head. Lots of stopping power. I haven't had the XTs (also mineral oil) out below freezing yet.

C Law 09-27-06 11:05 AM

My Avid juicy's with DOT fluid work fine all winter long. it rarely gets below 10 degrees f here though. i haven't had a problem with mechanicals either though.

PaulH 09-27-06 11:40 AM

Works fine in my cars.


hockey 09-27-06 11:50 AM

No problem. I have ridden -20 C and the brakes work wonderfully. They do tend to squeak more in the cold weather.

CastIron 09-27-06 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by PaulH
Works fine in my cars.



grolby 09-27-06 06:25 PM

I used to believe that hydraulics would be a bad idea in cold weather. I've been informed since then that both mineral oil and DOT fluid experience very little viscosity change in wintry conditions. DOT might be a little bit better, but the hydros may actually be more reliable than cables, which are prone to sticking and freezing.

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