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2manybikes 10-17-06 10:32 AM

Looking forward to the ice and snow?
I cleaned off my racing bike last night and will probably put it in the garage tonight and lock it up. That started me thinking about the winter. I'm going to start using road bikes with fenders or mountain bikes more now. I remember how much fun it is to ride in undisturbed fresh powder in the woods. I miss riding on the lake, and on the big sheets of remelted ice on the bike path that have the frozen foot prints in them and require first gear most of the time.
Just exploring in the woods in the snow and when all the leaves are down so you can see much farther away. The swamp that is normally almost impassible becomes a paved parking lot when it finally freezes. Some of the sand on the beach gets harder too, making a ride down the beach possible. That feeling of being in the 'zone" on the mtb and blasting down paths and using the berms as much as possible. Something about my old Giant mtb just feels perfect when you get going fast. Kind of like skiing when everything is "right".
I think I finally accepted the fact that winter is coming. Are you looking forward to riding in snow and ice?

jeff-o 10-17-06 10:44 AM

I'm looking forward to experiencing what it's like to ride a trike on ice and snow. I have no idea if I'll enjoy it yet. ;)

2manybikes 10-17-06 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by jeff-o
I'm looking forward to experiencing what it's like to ride a trike on ice and snow. I have no idea if I'll enjoy it yet. ;)

What kind of trike? Do you have a photo?

Machka 10-17-06 11:38 AM

I'm not "looking forward" to ice and snow ..........

........... it's here.

I can see it out the window ... I had to scrape it off my windshield this morning .... I watched tow-trucks hauling other vehicles out of the ditch .......

Zin 10-17-06 06:05 PM

I'm not looking forward to it either. It has been snowing most of the day here. WX man says 4-8 inches of snow by morning.

Roody 10-19-06 01:28 PM

I got a taste of it last week, and had fun. I'm especially looking forward to the lakes freezing. Even better, a super cold winter when the rivers freeze.

Ask me the same question in March and I might give you a different answer!

2manybikes 10-20-06 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by Roody
Ask me the same question in March and I might give you a different answer!

Let's compare notes in March. :)

Gojohnnygo. 10-20-06 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by Zin
I'm not looking forward to it either. It has been snowing most of the day here. WX man says 4-8 inches of snow by morning.

Lier lier pants on fire:p

I couldn't help it.

Gojohnnygo. 10-20-06 11:36 AM

Looking forward to the ice and snow?

Yes I downhill ski,snow shoe and I pick up a pair cross country skis last year that I used once. As for riding bring it on I love it.

Don't let old man winter get you down. Kick that bastard in the ass.:D


patc 10-20-06 12:23 PM

We're (hopefully) about a month away from snow. As much as I hate winter, though, I think I prefer snow to the cold rain we've had every other day lately.

Zin 10-20-06 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by Gojohnnygo.
Lier lier pants on fire:p

I couldn't help it.

Hey Johnny! I think you know me a bit to well! ;)

Ritehsedad 10-20-06 02:05 PM

Actually I enjoy riding when it is snowing the big huge flakes that melt on contact with the road. Especially at twilight or after dark when they shine in the headlights...

...and then I fall on black ice. :eek:

bikedaddy 10-20-06 09:05 PM

I am one of those wierdos that love winter but not so fond of summer. I don't really care what season it is when I'm on a bike but why in the world do people love summer so much? I can't stand sweating just by stepping outside. I think this all goes back to childhood. The school district I was in closed school for any amount of snow or ice. This always made the prospect of snow very exciting.

I actually get a little depressed come spring time. I wish I could hibernate July and August.

ViperZ 10-21-06 12:20 AM

I have been riding on ice and snow for the last week :D

How soon a person forgets his low speed, slippery surface handling skills, but it came back lickety split :lol:

Portis 10-21-06 07:50 AM

It's fun to ride on fresh, virigin snow, but we all know how many oppurtunities you get at that. I'm not such a fan when it gets rutted, frozen, crunchy, etc. Those are the more normal conditions around here. Actually we've had some pretty mild winters around here lately. I'm looking forward to one of those.

bigmoose 10-21-06 10:50 PM

Bikedaddy Im with you! I hate the hot humid summers lately. Kind of gave up the bike til now. I actually feel like riding. It is not such an effort when its nice and cool. I really am looking forward to the snow and cold. C'mon snow!

j3ns 10-23-06 05:15 AM

My first "studded commute" of the season was this morning. I love the sound. There is not so much snow yet, but roads are icy and very slippery. It's snowing right now on top of the ice, so I'm really glad I have good tires for the trip back home tonight.

bmclaughlin807 10-23-06 08:50 PM

I rode in the snow last week. 26 degrees, and I was sweating! I'm still learning this winter riding thing. :)

Ms. Tude 10-24-06 07:33 AM

Have already ridden in the snow - a white out in fact - then it melted. It's a rain/snow mix today. I actually look forward to riding in the snow - on and off road -- last year, while it was cold and icy - we really didn't get too much snow - but they forecast this year to be a little more whiter! :D

The ice is a little different - Since I commute in a busy city --- riding home in with the roads starting out wet - then have a quick cold wind so it freezes to black ice --- is a little unnerving to be riding on a 4 lane street ... So when it comes to ice --- I have to halt my winter street riding.

rykoala 10-24-06 10:07 AM

I am looking forward to it this year more than last. Last winter I only had one bike, so I was constantly having to swap tires from slick to studded. This winter I will have two bikes (my fixed gear road bike will be done next month) and so I can gear down the commuter to about 50 gear inches (also fixed gear, currently 48/17, will be 38/19) and so on nice days I can take the road bike and nasty days I can hop on the snow bike. That will make my life MUCH easier.

I also have more experience this year, and won't be as timid about riding around on the ice and snow. Bring it on! Well, after next month anyway...

naisme 10-24-06 12:52 PM

I guess it's time for someone from Minnesnowta to chime in. Usually we don't get much snow till November, but for some reason the weather has been trying to rush winter on us. there's nothing staying yet, but it's been trying. I can't wait, I (like the rest of y'all) really enjoy riding in the winter rather than summer, it's the sweat thing, I still sweat, but it isn't cause I'm breathing.

I am trying to remember what to wear. It isn't that cold so I've been wearing wool sweaters with poly-pro underneath, but there's usually a wind kicking up and, depending on the weave of the sweater, will cut through that wool layer, but a wind breaker often helps in working up a sweat.

I have a new job that I commute to with my clothes tucked in a messenger bag or panniers, nothing like changing from warm bike gear into chilly slacks, shirt and tie (I still am trying to get use to wearing a tie). What is even more fun is putting still damp stuff on to ride home, working on a case of pnuemonia.

Rykola- I'm with you on two or more bikes for winter riding, and fixed gears in the snow are excellent! I love commuting on them, I did it for two years 25 miles one way. Now I'm closer to work (a mile) so I really don't get the chance to work up to a good ride.

bikedaddy 10-26-06 10:15 AM

Snow in Colorado today. Rode in despite my wife offering a ride and enjoyed every minute. Still need to do something about my pants situation. All 3 of the layers on my legs were soaked.

I hope the snow keeps on rolling in...

arcticbiker 10-28-06 09:45 AM

First Snow Storm Ride
I enjoyed my first winter ride of the year on thurs. Tried out my new HID (helmet mounted) and loved it. Had to make a few angle adjustments due to the snow flakes flashing through my vision. Nokian studs and 15 miles of pleasure! Yahoo.

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