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BirdsHillBiker 10-31-06 03:07 PM

Continental Nordic Spike tire???
I am thinking of getting the Continental Nordic Spike tire for my winter cyclocross commuter bike. The Nordic Spike is a 700 x 42 tire and you can get it in either 240 or 12 hardened steel studs.

I would get the 240 studded tire. I live in Winnipeg, Canada and I ride a lot on ice and snow with some asphalt at times.

I have looked at the Nokian W240 tire but it is more expensive and not available where I live.

Has anybody tired or heard anything about the conti Nordic Spike?


BIG-E 01-31-07 11:23 AM

I just found it, and I'm wondering about it as well. I was going to get the W240, but they're out of stock.

Conti makes good tires.

ViperZ 02-01-07 08:14 PM

I don't know about that specific tire, however if it's anything like my Continental Spike Claw 240's, they should work well.

My 240 SC's have been excellent on the slippery ruts of ice and hardpack. The studs are still very sharp even though I have ridden on pavement as well.

sc0ch 01-24-14 06:13 PM

Had a fall on Innovas, have switched to the Continental Nordic Spike 700-42 (cyclocross bicycle). The nordic spike puts the studs out on knobbies, which I hope puts more weight down the studs into the ground. It's comforting that they make the same rolling noises of a winterized car tire on dry pavement...

alan s 01-24-14 09:11 PM

Make sure they are carbide studs if you plan to ride on pavement. Hardened steel will wear out quickly. Nokian and Schwalbe both use carbide.

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