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Guest 04-07-03 09:18 AM

Winter Rant...


After almost 3 weeks of mostly good weather (as high as 80 degrees at one point last Monday), I wake up to a blizzard this morning here in Chicago. The winds are strong, the ice is falling from the sky (freezing rain combined with snow), and it's foggy too.


I knew the weather was too good to be true- I knew because we were having such good weather to expect at least one more snow, but I've been spoiled. I was so through with riding in the winter, and now I'm getting ready to layer up and ride one more time in this mess. I was so depressed, I didn't even go downstairs to work out this morning. I laid in bed for a full hour staring at this entire mess going on outside.

Damn again.

There's no way I can get out of going to work today. All I can do is get out there and grin and bear it. I would think after riding all winter in cold weather, I should be used to this, right? How did I become such a wimp in the space of 3 weeks? How did I let my guard down so quickly? How did I allow myself to slip into this false sense of summer happiness?

Glad I got one more ride in yesterday before all this hit. I guess it helps lessen the impact of this new snow.

Ok, rant over. I've got to get ready to go to work now.



pinerider 04-07-03 09:55 AM

KB I guess I'm luckier than you, we've only had about 2 or 3 days of half decent weather this spring, therefore I don't miss it as much! :D

Actually, I so enjoyed the perilous ride home on slicks during Friday's freezing rain/ice pellets/snow/wind storm, that I am actually looking forward (?????) to next winter when I will have a fully prepared winter bike (with studded tires) ready to go for crappy weather. Maybe then we won't have the crappy weather.

Guest 04-07-03 01:50 PM

That's what I think every year- next year won't be so crappy, but then when the next year comes, it's crappy- it's just crappy in a different way.

I remember the last winter we had (2000- 2001). I remember clearly- we had great weather until about Christmas, and then it started becoming a little cooler for Christmas. No big deal. Then right after Jan 1, 2001, we had like 15 inches of snow. The downward spiral began, and it didn't get warm until after June 1st, either.

This year is just different crap- lots of bone chilling cold days, not very many snow days, but the snow days were crap too. Mostly, it was just bone-chilling cold. Then it finally gets warm, and just when you think it's safe, bam! Winter's back, and it's in full force.



A.troll 04-07-03 03:05 PM


Originally posted by Koffee Brown
Winter's back, and it's in full force.



Gee, it is 75 degrees and all bright and sunshiney here, girlfriend. Time for a ride!


(You should live in Trollsville, Koffee!)

Guest 04-07-03 03:17 PM

If you're referring to Texas, dunno.... been there, done that, moved on.

Thanks for the thought.


A.troll 04-07-03 03:27 PM


Originally posted by Koffee Brown
If you're referring to Texas, dunno.... been there, done that, moved on.

Thanks for the thought.



No, no, no, Koffee, not Texas! Trollsville is a magical place of enchantment where happy creatures dwell. You get there by wishing.

Texas is a state of the union....Trollsville is a state of mind!

Chris L 04-07-03 09:27 PM

Having just survived seven months of summer (that's right, SEVEN), you'll get absolutely no sympathy from me whatsoever. Now that it's over, my dilemma is do I ride, or do I try to catch up on all that sleep I couldn't get during those seven months of terror.

pinerider 04-08-03 06:27 AM

Chris L - Likewise, I'm sure ( no sympathy - It feels like we've had 7 months of winter here!)

A.Troll: - Does everyone ride nekkid there or just you????

captsven 04-08-03 07:27 AM

We had a major ice storm this weekend. I lost power from Saturday morning till Monday afternoon. The highs Sat and Sun were like 33F (1 C). I was sitting on my couch watching my breath!

There are still about 14,000 people still w/o power so I guess I should consider myself lucky.

I still got on the rollers Saturday afternoon, took a shower, then froze.

It just pisses me off to know how dependant I am on the weather and the utility companies.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger I guess!

Gojohnnygo. 04-08-03 11:59 AM

:) I just hope the summer is not a cold one and full of big never ending rain Strom's.That would suck.:(

Guest 04-09-03 09:29 AM

Well, today is supposed to be warmer, so I'm going for a long ride, no matter what. Since I'm going by the lakefront, they said that it would be a bit colder than the rest of the city and suburbs, so I'll probably head north along the lakefront and jump on Devon, then go to the North Shore trail that goes to Wisconsin and get my jollies that way. It'll still be cold, but at least there will be less idiot pedestrians to deal with and I can ride as much and as long as I want.

ChrisL, I bet if you ever came to Chicago in the winter, you wouldn't make it, even on a warm winter day... too acclimitized to your pansy Australian weather patterns! ;)


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