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calbars 01-15-07 02:22 PM

I chickened out... I did 100 meters, came back and unloaded my stuff. I then went for a 30 minutes ride around the neighbourhood to get a feel of it. 1) My tires were too much inflated. 2) Sidewalks and unpacked snow were ok. Streets were too much for me to handle. Will try again tomorrow though, leaving me more time for the commute. Tkx.

jbraum 01-15-07 02:28 PM

BAD - cold 20's F, damp, and windy
I guess I might be a wimp when it comes to this. I'd much rather have 90 in the summer than cold. Also cold is relative to the person. I think the wind and if its a damp or dry cold are big factors

squegeeboo 01-16-07 01:37 PM

I'll say this, for people with Asthma, if you don't have a way to warm up the air before you inhale it, it makes the ride a bunch more difficult.

calbars 01-16-07 03:47 PM

Had a nice ride today. Finally made it to the office. Sunny and -12C. The forecast is -22C for tonight. Real Winter.

jaysea 01-16-07 07:59 PM

Originally Posted by calbars
Had a nice ride today. Finally made it to the office [...] Real Winter.


for me, the most difficult condition is when it is currently snowing, accumulating fast and they do not have time to remove it... you then have to ride with traffic... (when cars are stopped (that is 90% of the time...), i personally pass them anywhere i can. which includes the middle lane... but cars compact snow into a somehow soft crust that is super slippery if you do not reach the pavement (or the ice...) under. i also sometimes use sidewalks (if cleared). in montreal it is good to know that commercial streets sidewalks are (usually) plowed first. but, as always, you have to be careful with pedestrians! you also have to learn to go through the snow piles that are created at each intersection (the sidewalk plowers do not go straight and create those...). lots of fun.

the day after a snowfall, they salt most snow away on medium and big streets and it freezes hard on sidewalks and smaller roads. those two conditions are usually ok, especially with big fenders and studded tires (yes, i'm a big fan of those)...


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