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BadBreaks 09-16-07 02:49 PM

Getting Cold, Staying Cool
I'm suffering from a horrific cold at the moment but I'm also determined to keep riding through the winter. I think the right equipment is the key. So, I've two questions...

Given my winter will be not very cold but wet and wind is it best to ride the road bike or the MTB on the road?

And also if you are wearing extra layers for the cold and the rain but doing just as much exertion don't you get really hot after a while?

Cosmoline 09-16-07 04:52 PM

How long are your rides? What kind of wind are you looking at? I think the mountain bike would be better if you're looking at shorter rides through rougher roads with lots of wet holes and uncertain bottoms. If you're riding on well drained roadways and facing serious wind minimizing surface area is probably better.

And yes, you do get very hot. I found I did better with less clothing than I thought I needed. I stayed with a single layer of polypro top and bottom and a single, usually open winter coat. That was it, all the way to -20 f. The one time I wore by arctic longjohns I sweated up a storm. Keeping clothes somewhat loose and using wicking materials is critical. Sweat is a bigger enemy than cold air during the winter. The local natives in these parts figured it out long ago, and developed baggy clothing that was tight at the wrists and ankles but airy inside, to allow the skin to create its own pocket of warm air and to minimize sweat from contact with materials.

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