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arcticbiker 09-23-07 07:10 PM

Getting Ready for Arctic Winter Riding
I have successfully used Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires on my MTB for years as a commuter durng the long winter months here. I completed a cross bike build this summer that I have been using to commute & trail ride. It's faster, lighter than the MTB and a lot of fun. I'd like to try some winter commuting with it.

I'll need to purchase a new set of rims to accommodate the tires. I'm planning on the Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106, 35mm tires. I'm running TRP canti's with plenty of wheel clearance in the frame and front fork. Any suggestions would be appreciated? I've attached a couple of pics.

Tequila Joe 09-23-07 08:54 PM

That bike looks too nice to be ridden in the winter through slush, salt and road grim...

Ziemas 09-24-07 12:13 AM

It's not clear on what kind of suggestions you are looking for. Could you please be more specific on the advice you are seeking.

Bekologist 09-24-07 01:13 AM

dude, get a snow bike. don't thrash that one in the grime.

Crosscheck complete comes to mind. Redline conquest, Lemond Poprad, Trek Portland.

If you've got the lucre to consider whacking out a Salsa cross bike with Campy Record 10 and carbon cantis on it during winter, throw down a little more and buy a bonifide winter beater cross bike.

maybe you could build up 2 Salsa cross bikes with Record components and thrash just one of them.

Oh, rims. Mavic 719s on DT Swiss with a campy freehub, unless that's 135 spacing.

flipped4bikes 09-24-07 06:07 AM

So you want to ride Campy Record in the worst of winter? Don't.

jeff-o 09-24-07 08:34 AM

Riding that bike in the winter makes Baby Jesus cry.

Please, get a beater (or your MTB) and use that instead.

ghettocruiser 09-24-07 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by jeff-o (Post 5322340)
Riding that bike in the winter makes Baby Jesus cry.

Good lord people, it's just a bike.

Winter is just another part of the cycling season.

And his carbon parts would be corrosion-proof to boot. Not that road salt is a big issue in Alaska, I suspect.

arcticbiker 10-06-07 08:37 AM

No road salt up here. Also, trails are groomed for skiing and are flat and hard. Snow is pretty dry and fast. I have another MTB that I ride in the winter when it's crappy out (I'm not going to intentionally trash this baby).

So any other rim suggestions?

Ziemas 10-06-07 09:18 AM

The Mavic A719 is a nice and strong touring rim, so it's a bit wider than the Open Pro if you are planning to use wide tires.

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