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Chicagoan 10-26-07 09:41 PM

Tricycle in winter?
I found an old Worksman Delta Trike on ebay. It is old and rusty.

I plan to use it this winter in CHicago. I found a site that stocks Innova's 20 studded tires, so I will put studs atleast on the brake wheel/drive wheel.

I plan to have it painted in the spring.

What do you think?

gosmsgo 10-26-07 09:44 PM

Rock on dude.

Put chains AND studded tires on and you will roll through anything.

zonatandem 10-26-07 09:48 PM

Skip the paint job! This trike has 'character!'

Marrock 10-26-07 09:53 PM

It's perfect the way it is.

Chicagoan 10-26-07 10:16 PM

and the best thing is i don't have to worry about falling

thebikeguy 10-27-07 12:49 AM

....and it's got a bumper on the front!Cool.I just hope you don't have issues with the width.Might limit where you can go.

Chicagoan 10-27-07 02:34 AM

well here in chicago i think i will be okay. I think it will cost me more to ship it than I will be paying for it because of its size

Also this thing is rated to carry like 500 pounds which is 5 times what my bike trailer carries

Marrock 10-27-07 10:30 AM

My girlfriend has a Worksman folding trike and as long as she can fit the handlebars through a space the rear wheels will clear, the only thing she can't use is any kind of single track path.

Nightshade 10-27-07 10:34 AM

Please be aware that all Worksman trikes drive the right rear wheel
NOT both rear wheels. Other than that a trike will do Ok in winter
as long as you can get traction. Skip the chains,mate. They are
more trouble on this trike than they're worth...I know.

Chicagoan 10-27-07 06:30 PM

RIght, thats what the owner told be. it has coaster brakes too but only on the right side. On Ice? In Chicago? Stoplights every quarter mile. I just don't want to end up stuck on an ice patch with cars honking at me. ANd a 1wd trike i would think would need more traction than a 1wd bicycle on ice because more rolling resitance, more snow to plow through, and more overall weight. But I wasn't using chains anyway.

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