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ksyrius 10-31-07 12:25 PM

Building winter bike wheelset any suggestions?
So im getting ready to build up a new winter bike. I was planning on getting a generic frame that has disc brake mounts. Also Im planning on running it initially as a flip flop, fixed free. Probably gonna get the surly hubs, becuase ive used those before, and there cheap with all replaceable parts. But i cant decide on what rim to use, i know mavic makes a super burly rim with FORE drilling, and i was also looking at the syncros rims. Can anyone suggest any other companies or rim models. Since its gonna be disc brake only id prefer a disc specific rim.

thanks in advance

Ziemas 11-01-07 01:16 AM

I'd go with IRO/Formula hubs as the bearings will be easier to find. The Surly hubs use an adjustable bearing which might be difficult to find in a pinch.

26" or 700c?

ksyrius 11-01-07 09:44 PM

im looking to build a 26 inch rim, i dont think formula makes a fixed free hub with disc brake mounts. Surly makes fronts and rears for this. Im looking at the mavic xm819, does anyone have any experience with these rims?

Ziemas 11-01-07 11:48 PM

I don't think you'll find a fixed/free disc hub due to the fact that the brake rotor will be in the way of one of the threadings. You get either fixed OR free with a disc brake hub, although you can use a freewheel on a fixed threaded hub.

Sorry, but I don't have any experience with 26" rims.

TheBrick 11-03-07 01:07 PM

can't help out on the rim front but Ziemas is correct . The only thing you could do is get a pair of forks made with the same spacing as frame (I presume 135 mm as you are talking about 26" wheels) about the hub, should not be too much, if you are building a new bike any way and build two rear wheels. One fixed with a disk mount the other freewheel with a disk mount, for the fixed disk wheel you may need to run a casset hub with a surly fixer.

ksyrius 11-05-07 11:14 AM

yea you guys are right, surly doesnt make a fixed free disc hub, so what i think im gonna do instead is get a surly fixed free hub that doesnt have a disc mount. and then ill run cantilevers in the back. and for the front surly makes a front disc hub, so ill just get that and only rock the disc brakes in the front.

TheBrick 11-06-07 06:34 AM

A good set of cants like the pauls or v breaks should be good enough and still offer some good clearance. Post a picture when it is build up please.

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