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Rollfast 02-10-14 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by rudeboy69 (Post 16444538)

I LOVE that kind of frame, love Trek's as well. Excellent bike and photo and WELCOME to Bike Forums!


Sixty Fiver 02-10-14 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by bmike (Post 16483520)

Congratulations to the 1000th poster in this photo rich orgy of winter bikes.

gecho 02-15-14 12:50 PM

I finally took my Trek Fat20 for a ride yesterday. The front end is super stable, though the back end can go a little crazy in loose snow but is easy to deal with. The studs hit my winter boots in tight slow turns, less so if I wear my old smaller boots. I really love having the drop position for climbing, I'm going to have to try putting drop bars on my Moonlander some time.

redmonkey 02-17-14 03:16 AM

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We are very lucky to live a few minutes from Mt-Royal park in Montreal, so I take every opportunity to climb up there, a nice 11k trek on my old Marine fitted with Schwalbe Ice Spikers.

bmike 02-17-14 07:40 AM
-3dF this morning by mbeganyi, on Flickr

Cold this morning.

inkandsilver 02-17-14 11:53 AM

'87 Schwinn High Sierra w/Marathon Winters.

Thomand 02-19-14 05:21 PM

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From my Strava gran fondo 2 trip last weekend. Wet and windy, but no snow or ice on the road

mtessmer 02-19-14 06:21 PM

1 Attachment(s) We have twice the snow now then when I took this last month.

Murray Missile 02-20-14 07:36 PM

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Beater/Winter/utility/exercise/recreation/etc. bike version 1.5. Took advantage of the recent down time to make some improvements. Don't worry the threaded to threadless adapter stem is in the fork well past the minimum insertion mark, very close to being bottomed out in fact. Still a couple small items to do but it is nearing it's final version.......

BikeBeagle 03-02-14 05:49 PM

1 Attachment(s) My walmart hybrid... believe it or not it handles fairly well.

SLaP 03-04-14 05:43 PM

Beach runner!

TuckamoreDew 03-04-14 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by SLaP (Post 16548576)

Great picture.

Shinjukan 03-05-14 02:49 PM

My shots do pale in comparison to those awesome pics shown here, but just sharing the happiness and relief to finally being able to log in a ride after more than a month of hiatus because of the brutal winter we had here in the East Coast, particularly in Chester County, PA. It seems every arsenal Old Man Winter has in his war chest, he's thrown at us this season: Polar Vortex, Ice Storm, Nor'easter with sprinkling of 1, 2, and 3-inch snows here and there. So the 36°F overcast weather we had today, I'd gladly take it.

SLaP 03-06-14 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by TuckamoreDew (Post 16548773)
Great picture.

Thanks TuckamoreDew! Despite the -41C I had to get a few photos in. Here's a few more from this winter.

Minus -41C

5 minutes for icycling!

Close call @ Icycle 2014 in Toronto. Elite Rubber Class! :)

Rollfast 03-10-14 02:51 AM

Winter has been over here for at least two months...not like Western Oregon and Washington State so I really have no winter bike to show except to say I don't ride my Rollfast during the winter, only the Schwinn.

Sixty Fiver 03-10-14 03:08 AM

With the daytime temperatures being in the pluses, and it is supposed to be this way all week with highs hitting the low 50's it is getting drier and have seen more folks riding summer bikes, saw a couple wearing shorts today, and one guy was out on his motorcycle.

CanadianBiker32 03-10-14 03:24 AM

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This is from first snowfall on the trails in ONtario Canada
this is just my winter beater bike,
this is 96 Maxam Lightweight Heavyweight mt bike

billnuke1 03-10-14 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by Bruce County (Post 16566335)
Norco Pinnacle, eastern shore of Lake will have to wait awhile before using the swing

Beautiful! Frame it!

SpecialJ 03-12-14 11:27 AM

Snow, muck, salt, slush. Poor old winter beater...

Mr Pink57 03-12-14 12:06 PM

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On-One Fatty, sadly I built it up at the end of the winter season.

LucF 03-30-14 12:17 PM

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In Montréal today. Didn't I hear spring began a few days ago?

GTryder 04-24-14 09:31 AM

For Next Winter
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Just found this on eBay for an unbelievable price. It won't be just a winter bike nor will it be the only bike I ride next winter.
Local winter weather conditions and road conditions vary so greatly that one bike setup isn't ideal or safe.

rower 06-26-14 03:55 PM

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Can't wait for the first 2 to 4" of Snow, or even some ice.


mattheis 08-25-14 07:35 AM

So not ready for another winter already :(

Sixty Fiver 08-25-14 08:26 AM

[QUOTE=mattheis;17068167]So not ready for another winter already :(

Nope... you aren't.


I was tuning up the Extrabike yesterday and got to thinking about winter... it made me shudder.

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