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JonathanGennick 11-08-07 07:05 AM

Winter, she is here!
Woke up this morning to icy, snow-coated streets here in Munising, Michigan. Yay! (I think).

It's time to mount the studded tires.

(It's also past time to see whether my snowblower will start after sitting all spring and summer).

On a really good note, two acquaintances of mine here in town have decided to join in on the winter-biking fun. They just put an order in for studded tires for their own bikes. By next week there could be three of us crazy people riding bikes out in the blowing snow and cold.

I'm excited, but also a bit sad at the realization that it'll be months before I enjoy a warm, summer's-day ride again.

feethanddooth 11-09-07 10:15 AM

i thought it was old mad winter?

JonathanGennick 11-09-07 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by feethanddooth (Post 5603477)
i thought it was old mad winter?

LOL! I needed that laugh. You're right. How could I have forgotten. Ok then: "Winter, he is here!"

Yesterday's snow mostly melted off though. We're back to it being just cold.

andrelam 11-09-07 12:54 PM

I didn't get any snow at our house, but my mother-in-law that lives all of 4 miles away got snow. My studded tires should be here on Tuesday. Can't wait to see how they work.

Happy riding,

thebikeguy 11-10-07 11:01 AM

Last time I checked Winter didn't begin until Dec 22.:)

Cosmoline 11-10-07 03:01 PM

SNEEEEEE!! Finally. Fram RIDES!

The geese, who thought it was summer again, are now very confused. That's El Nino for you.

Versa2nr 11-10-07 03:04 PM

meh, it is still 82 here today, no winter for us...

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