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Nickel 01-15-08 12:13 PM

Frost nip
I bike to my team spinning session and I wear my road biking shoes + booties since my bike has clipless pedals. After biking there (1F), spinning for 1.5hrs in an unheated garage, and then biking home my feet were pretty cold. When I took my shoes off I noticed my pinkie toes had white spots.

Everything is fine but I am curious how long can your toes last in the stage of frost nip? I forgot to try the warming of the ankle pulse point so hopefully that will help next time. :o

edzo 01-15-08 12:29 PM

toes can handle that a few dozen times

then when you are 60 years old you will have
screamin pain in your feet for the rest of your life

you need to avoid frozen toes at all costs. get shoes that
allow room for your toes to wiggle. get lake winter boots.
use toe warmers or hand warmers scotch taped to the top
of your toes on the sock. fat wool defeet socks. whatever
it takes.

Machka 01-15-08 03:16 PM

What kind of socks were you wearing? Do your shoes have enough room for your toes to wiggle?

Nickel 01-15-08 03:58 PM

I had on a polypro liner and a wool sock. I think the issue was likely that I am approaching the stuffed end of the spectrum since the road shoes weren't made to take anything more then a thin sock. I"m going to look for a larger pair during an upcoming bike swap. Meanwhile, I'll probably just use my boots and ride on the clipless pedals and switch my shoes.

If I don't have much room in the shoe is there anything else I can do besides the ankle thing? I know putting a toe warmer on top can help but it's only a 6mi roundtrip which seems like a waste. Maybe a trick for increasing blood circulation? ;)

Machka 01-15-08 04:10 PM

The thing is, having more room in the shoe increases the blood circulation ... that's the trick! Or rather, it doesn't cut it off.

Was your wool sock (or liner sock) a knee-high? I find if my calves are warm, my feet are warmer. My wool socks come right to my knees.

I rode the Golden Triangle last year ... a tour in May in the Rocky Mountains ... and I watched one particular woman.

Day 1: despite the fact that it was cold and rainy, with a bit of snow and hail thrown in for good measure, she had on knickers which came just below her knees, and tiny cycling socks, small roadie cycling shoes, and little shoe covers. I wouldn't even call them booties. She came into every rest stop complaining bitterly about how cold her feet were.

Day 2: similar weather, same gear. She'd past the point of complaining to everyone around. At every rest stop she sat huddled in the grass with her arms around her feet, moaning in pain.

Day 3: similar weather ... and she must have hit a bicycle shop! She had full length tights, and I couldn't tell what kind of socks or shoes because she had heavy neoprene booties. And she was all smiles again. Yes, the booties probably made a difference, but so did the full length tights.

And when it gets down to the temps we're talking about, I like full length tights (often with sweatpants over them) with knee-length wool socks underneath ... all with the goal of keeping my legs warm ... warming the blood before it enters the foot. Sort of like the principles of the duck.

Nickel 01-16-08 10:58 AM

I think I might have some knee high wool around that will fit....I will give it a shot.

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