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Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 03:51 PM

Puttin' the F in HTFU
I stepped outside this morning to be greeted by blizzard conditions and a temperature of -19 C... tack on the wind chill it was -31.

The forecast for the rest of the week only gets better... the temps will be pushing -30 and I hear that with the wind chill temps could be -47 C.

Yes... minus fourty seven.

I guess it's time to break out the pack boots and the extra woolies and show the guys at work that there is no weather that will keep me off a bike.


unixpro 01-27-08 03:56 PM

Wow. -47 C is -52 F. That's not just cold, that's darned cold! You sure your tires won't just shatter?

Machka 01-27-08 03:56 PM

Yeah ... I'm kinda worried about the current conditions (the blizzard, not the cold). I've got to drive in from Red Deer at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

Machka 01-27-08 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by unixpro (Post 6060517)
Wow. -47 C is -52 F. That's not just cold, that's darned cold! You sure your tires won't just shatter?

No, of course not!!! When I lived in northern Alberta I drove to work when the actual temps (not windchill temps) were about -50C and the car tires were fine. Funny thing though ... at that temperature, even the cars that were plugged in wouldn't start. On one particular day, mine was the only one that did, and I spent an hour or so in the morning boosting other cars. Then, at that temp, the ice fog gets really thick. My brother and I were carpooling to work, and we came to a stop at a red light I could hardly see. We were peering through the fog, when it suddenly hit both of us at once. We'd driven right through one set of lights earlier without even seeing them. We looked at each other and said, "Well, I guess no one was coming!"

Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 04:01 PM

Machka - If the snow keeps up you may just want to stay home and I would not be surprised if they closed down the highway.

If you do decide to travel and have no plans fpor the evening we'll be serving up coffee and hot chocolate to anyone who comes by the shop tomorrow night and hell... anyone who comes in this weather will deserve a freebie on the shop time.

Since I figure it's going to be really quiet I'll probably get some time to work on the new old bike... so if there is an upside to this weather from hell that would be it.


Machka 01-27-08 04:37 PM

Hot chocolate sounds good! I might make some now.

I just checked the AMA road conditions and Red Deer to Edmonton are listed as "poor" right now. Do you have any idea where they would make any announcements about closing the highway? AMA's conditions are usually several hours out of date. Back in Manitoba, the provincial government handled the highway conditions and they were right up to date all the time, especially in blizzards etc. I'm not even sure AMA would announce a closurer ... it would probably be open again before they realized it had been closed! :lol:

Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 04:48 PM

The poor roads will most likely be closed by tomorrow... we're getting a hellish amount of snow right now and visibility within the city is close to zero in some places.

Machka 01-27-08 05:03 PM

Well, it's snowing and blowing pretty good down here too.

unixpro 01-27-08 05:46 PM

Actually, I was kidding about the tires. I grew up in Fairbanks, so I know that they won't shatter. I guess I forgot the :), though.

In Fairbanks all the cars have engine heaters and all the parking meters downtown had places to plug in, as did pretty much every parking lot. We had outlets on the side of the house that we plugged the cars into.

You kids take care and stay warm, though. Those are some pretty cold temperatures. I've got frostbite on both my feet as evidence that just because it feels warmer than it has doesn't mean its safe yet.

Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 05:55 PM

This isn't anythng I have been through before but it is always shocking when you are lokking at a 40 degree drop in tempo in about 24 - 36 hours and a big bunch of snow.

I'll be breaking out the extreme weather gear for this week's rides...not so much for when I'm riding but in case I have to stop for any length of time.

The felt packs and down filled jacket have already been pulled out.

Nickel 01-27-08 06:10 PM

Holy cow. :eek: It was a sauna here today, 30F.

Machka 01-27-08 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Nickel (Post 6061218)
Holy cow. :eek: It was a sauna here today, 30F.

That was the day before yesterday.

Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 06:18 PM

Yes... it was 31 F here yesterday.

Wouldn't know it by looking though.

Machka 01-27-08 11:03 PM

They've upgraded the warning for this area ...

Winter storm warning for
Red Deer - Ponoka - Innisfail - Stettler continued

Cold wind chills and reduced visibilities in blowing snow are occurring in Red Deer and Drumheller.

This is a warning that dangerous winter weather conditions are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions...Listen for updated statements.

An intense low pressure system developing over Montana will interact with a strong winds behind a cold front currently moving southwards through southern Alberta to generate blizzard conditions beginning this evening in Brooks-Strathmore, Coronation, Medicine Hat, and Cypress Hills regions. The blizzard conditions are expected to persist in these regions into Monday morning. These weather conditions are likely to include north to northwest winds of 40 gusting to 60 km/h, 5-10 centimetres of snow, visibilities below 1 kilometre for prolonged periods of time and wind chills in the minus 30 to minus 40 range. A few areas in the Cypress Hills region can expect local heavy amounts of 15 centimetres or more by Monday.

An Arctic air mass will settle over Alberta dropping temperatures to minus 35 to minus 40 overnight. Brisk winds will continue to be from the north at 20 to 30 km/h. The very cold temperatures combined with the wind will produce extreme wind chill values below minus 40 tonight into Monday morning. High risk of frostbite. Exposed skin can freeze in 5 to 10 minutes or sooner depending on wind speed.

Reduced visibilities in snow and blowing snow are occurring the Red Deer and Drumheller regions. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 10 centimetres are expected and wind chill values will fall below minus 40. Visibilities and snowfall are expected to improve Monday morning however wind chills will remain below minus 40 into Monday.

Heavy snowfall is occurring in Pincher Creek. Snowfall amounts of 10 to 15 cm with local amounts near 25 cm. Snowfall is expected to taper off Monday morning.

I'm driving in, but not till a bit later on Monday morning. No way I'm tackling 150 kms of that in the dark!!

Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 11:14 PM

An Arctic air mass will settle over Alberta dropping temperatures to minus 35 to minus 40 overnight. Brisk winds will continue to be from the north at 20 to 30 km/h. The very cold temperatures combined with the wind will produce extreme wind chill values below minus 40 tonight into Monday morning. High risk of frostbite. Exposed skin can freeze in 5 to 10 minutes or sooner depending on wind speed.

Winter is by beeatch.

Bring it on.


Buglady 01-27-08 11:18 PM

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: You're all officially much braver than me. I'm not even going to leave the HOUSE until it gets back to a more civilized -10C or so. Seriously. I can't breathe when it gets this cold. And breathing is something I like to do.

Also, low pressure systems give me migraines. Whimper indeed!

(Why did I move to Calgary???)

Buglady 01-27-08 11:22 PM

I just checked the weather map and it is only 6 degrees colder in Iqaluit than it is in Calgary and Edmonton - AND they have no wind at the moment, so we are actually colder in that respect!!

It's scary when a place *inside the Arctic Circle* is warmer than we are.

Sixty Fiver 01-27-08 11:25 PM

We often trump parts of Alaska when it comes to being cold.

And I'm just crazy.


GGDub 01-28-08 10:30 AM

I broke my record today. Rode in in -33c with a -47c windchill. I went to hop on my cross bike and the freehub was frozen solid (go figure its almost brand new). I was about to throw in the towel when I heard my old retired (read: bitter) neighbour snickering about my misfortune, that was all the motivation I needed to run downstairs and grab my fs mtb.

I had about two working gears and my chain popped off halfway through the ride, which gave me the opportunity to invent some seriously creative swearing combinations.

All in all, it wasn't too bad. I was really warm and as a result my fingers and toes stayed warm. Going home will be interesting if the wind doesn't die down, since it was at my back on the way in.

Mach42 01-28-08 12:31 PM

I harded the **** up today. Blizzard conditions with hail-like snow. 25 mph winds with gusts up to 40. I could feel every ball of snow and it was like taking a pellet gun to the face. I took myself 3 miles back from campus in that.

Hell yes. I only wish that I took my balaclava because my face was pretty frozen, even after only 20 minutes, but I knew I could leave my car at home, and I was right! This was easily the worst weather that I've ever ridden in.

Sixty Fiver 01-28-08 07:15 PM

The Kuwie 3 speed was purring like a kitten in this has synthetic oil in the hub and synthetic grease in the bearings.

I met one other cyclist this am and he was not so lucky... his SS was getting close to seizing up completely.

I worked outside all day and the warmest I was all day was when I was riding to work.

I hear tomorrow will be even colder.

Repeat after me... winter is my beeatch.


pinkrobe 01-29-08 12:27 AM

I had a pretty nice ride in today. My wife and I got home very late from snowboarding in Montana, and decided to sleep in. Out the door and into lovely sunshine at a brisk -30C. The wind was in our faces for a good part of the ride, and my wife's v-brakes weren't working very well [BB7s on the way]. The cold makes the tires roll poorly, but at least they roll. My road-bar pogies kick ass.

Coming home was not as pleasant. I got stuck in traffic pretty badly, and just didn't see a way out without pushing peds off the sidewalk or sliding under a Hummer. I need to learn more about where the alleys are in downtown Calgary. The hubs are working well, although the chain got very stiff and my chainline isn't perfect, so there were some scary-sounding clicks and cracks. It was slow going on the way home, even with a bit of a tailwind. I didn't have enough traction to stand and crank, so I had to sit and push a 74" gear with 30 psi in the tires.

My coworkers think I'm nuts. I know I'm merely passionate. ;)

Buglady 01-29-08 01:00 AM

No, dude, you're nuts all right. But in a good way :D

Sixty Fiver 01-29-08 07:34 AM

-36 C this morning.

Yargh !!

GGDub 01-29-08 09:58 AM

Remember High School chemistry? The part where given a constant volume the pressure-temperature ratio will remain constant? Yeah, so filling up my rear shock two months ago, to 110 psi at room temperature (22c), means an inoperable shock at -35c two months later.

Even with that realization, the ride home wasn't bad, which makes me wonder why I accepted a ride in with the wife this morning. Took almost twice as long to get in.

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