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yukon biker 01-30-08 02:36 PM

yukon winter riding
well finaly it"s -42c in the north, some parts of the yukon dipping -50C. any body riding in these temps. :D:D

mmerner 01-30-08 04:21 PM

well it hit about -23C here in Wisconsin, and -37C with the wind chill this morning. But I don't really believe in the whole wind chill thing, that's what wind breakers are for.

arcticbiker 02-16-08 10:46 AM

Tok hit -57C, but you won't see me riding in that weather. Car tires are square, hydraulic clutches need the lines preheated with a torch, etc. My coldest bike ride is about -45C and it was a short one :eek:

yellowknifer 02-16-08 03:20 PM

It hit -47C here in Yellowknife last week and let me tell you it was coooold ! The only thing that I found hard about the ride is that the gears didn't shift well,the crank and wheels felt like pedaling through Molasses.Then it hit -35 and everything seemed to get a little smoother .Its sad when we say it was only -30 today and it felt warm.

Cosmoline 02-19-08 06:28 PM

I'm down in balmy Los Anchorage. The last time I tried to cycle in that kind of deep cold my eyeball froze shut.

I've noticed a sort of dividing line between about -20 f. and about -30 f. On the cold side of the line physics start to change. It's more than just cold, it's a different universe with different rules. But you can operate and function pretty normally right up to about -25 f. By -30 it's getting tough and by -40 you're in the artic for real.

Then there's the deep cold of -50 to -70 f. they get in the interior. No way would I cycle in that. That's serious you can die instantly kind of weather.

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