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bnelson 02-16-08 07:13 PM

fox wear jacket
anyone use lou's jacket for cycling I have some rain pants that are great and lou is a very standup guy.All custom and decent prices

narr33 02-16-08 09:10 PM

Yes, I ordered one in the Fall. Mine is is bit short so make sure you specify the length before you order.

bnelson 02-17-08 05:48 AM

thanks how much to short is it? did you contact lou about the problem?

NealH 02-17-08 07:02 AM

I thought all his work is custom, which means always specify as much as possible in fit.

narr33 02-18-08 10:54 AM

I wanted a cycling specific jacket that is longer in the back (about 4 inches) than the front - I assumed it would be cut that way when I ordered it for cyling but is was not. Anyway, it was my mistake in not stating the length. Don't make any assumptions about fit. Lou will make it the way you want.

andrelam 02-18-08 01:08 PM

I just bought the E-Vap Jacket (heavier kind) from Lou. We talked over my size, and what climate I'd be riding in. So far I've only been able to use it a few days during the last two weeks as the wind and ice has kept me off my bike a bit. The jacket looked and felt thinner than I'd want when I first got it. I then took it out for a ride to work with temps a bit below freezing. All I wore underneath was a Tshirt. I was a little cool when I got on the bike, but I was quite comfortable during my ride. I was limmited to the medium weight fleece as I wanted Yellow, and the extra wind proof material was only available in black and dark green. It turns out that the "normal" fleece is quite wind resistant and is very comfortable. I choose to go with the lighter weight side pannels to get maximum sweat removal capability. I am very happy with the results. The coat fit perfectly. It is plenty long on the torso for my 6' 2.5" frame. I asked that the arms be a bit on the longer side to ensure that I would have a good fit, even with my arms reaching out front on the bike. The bottom is long enough to cover my back properly even when partly bent over on my bike, but does not have an extended tail like you see on some cycling gear. For the price I am extremely happy and realy want to order the winter cycling pants from him next Fall.

Happy riding,

dave.lloyd 02-26-08 05:30 PM

I've used the Evap-Lite in temperatures from 60 down to about 6. For colder weather, I also have a polartec zip neck from Cold Lizard and a wicking base layer like a jersey, thermal long sleeved tech t or silk turtleneck (the silk turtleneck is my new favorite). It works perfectly, keeps the wind out and is perfect for cycling. The powershield material is thin, but quite warm and blocks nearly all the wind.

I also have the rain paints out of the lightest powershield so I can wear them in warmer temperatures. For colder weather I layer some 100 weight tights from Foxwear underneath them. This combo has been good down to about 6F or so.

I also found out that powershield withstands crashes and road rash with no detectable tears or other degradation. That nylon outer shell is tough stuff!

Everything I've gotten from Lou has worked out perfectly for bike commuting.

andrelam 02-28-08 10:26 AM

I figure an update is in order. the first few days I used the E-Vap coat the temps were around freezing. I was impressed that the coat left me feeling comfy and dry on the day we got some nasty sleet. My front and rear bags, and gloves were covered with a thick layer of ice when I got home. The coat alled me the release my access body heat and sweat, yet kept me comfortable. The last two days have been much colder with morning temps around 6 F. Even with 24 F lower temps the coat is still perfect. All I wear is a breathable T shirt and the coat and I am comfortable. The only addition this morning was a face mask... those temps were mightly cold on the cheeks and nose without some extra protection.

This coat is very comfortable, it breathes fantasticly well, yet keeps the wind out. I am very happy!

Happy riding,

flymal 03-03-08 09:45 AM

I'm looking for a cold weather jacket. I see several talking about Lou jackets. Where I can I find them or a website to buy one from. Thx


andrelam 03-03-08 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by flymal (Post 6269732)
I'm looking for a cold weather jacket. I see several talking about Lou jackets. Where I can I find them or a website to buy one from. Thx


Here is the link to the web site: Just call and discuss your needs and Lou will be able to make a coat to your exact specifications.


bnelson 03-03-08 03:30 PM

just do a search for foxwear and it should take you there.Lou does some amazing stuff just make sur you talk to him about the features you want,ie length pockets ect.

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