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The Bishop 10-16-03 01:14 PM

what to look for in a trainer?
i'm considering purchasing a trainer to keep myself in some sort of shape this winter. what should i look for in a trainer? anyone like any particular brands? i guess i should mention that i currently only own a mountain bike. i don't know if that makes a difference.


Buzzbomb 10-16-03 02:16 PM

First things first, no matter what trainer you end up with you will need to get a smooth tire to mount on the back. I use a 1upUSA and when I first got it was very impressed with the workmanship and obvious quality, and after a year have continued to be very pleased with it. Were I to need another trainer for some reason I would get another one of these, no question.

RonH 10-21-03 07:16 AM

Do a search in the Training & Nutrition forum. There are lots of posts about trainer recommendations and brands.

fore 11-09-03 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Buzzbomb
First things first, no matter what trainer you end up with you will need to get a smooth tire to mount on the back.

not if you get a rim-drive trainer. Minoura makes a couple that are pretty well built.

headn4thehills 11-11-03 06:24 AM

have to agree with buzzbomb on the 1upusa trainer. I looked at several. Talked to several shops about fluid trainers and found them to have a few problems i didnt want to deal with. I have been very pleased with the 1up trainer. You can run a variety of wheel sizes and you can set it low enough to the ground that you dont need a front wheel block to level the bike. Its relatively quiet and smooth. If you want a little more input, go to and look at what people have to say about other trainers. That was where i found the 1up and have had no regrets. you can also pickup a computer to go with it if you wish to track cadence, speed, distance and such for your training. The magnet to read wheel speed is built right into the roller and they had already calibrated the computer for me when it arrived. I have had no problem with mine, but for those who have, said customer service has been great.
If you do get one, consider buying a second wheel for the rear. A cheap one will do as your not going to be abusing it like you would with your current wheels. A simple deore hub and inexpensive wheel would work great. Also a smooth tire to help reduce noise would be a good idea. I run a specialized nimbus on mine and its pretty quiet.
Good luck in your search.

omesh 11-12-03 01:15 PM

another vote here for the 1upUSA trainer. I tried my friends Cycleops fluid 2 Trainer....and in my opinion, it doesn't compare to the 1up trainer. you wont be disapointed, and even if you can return it!

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