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vger285 03-04-08 05:26 AM

Spring has almost Sprung!
Love the taste of warm weather here in Ohio, i love to ride my mountain bike in the winter, but i can't wait to lose the clothes and get back out there on my footbike,i take in so much more around me,it's a different world!It lets me slow things down and it makes things simple,like life is supposed to be.

daredevil 03-04-08 05:47 AM

I took my studs off over the weekend. We have a snow advisory today! I think I was wanting spring a little too much. :(

CastIron 03-04-08 03:00 PM

Snow tonight. Below zero later this week. I finally gave my wife a number to meet and told I'll relocate anytime she meets it.

Tom Stormcrowe 03-04-08 04:09 PM

Winter Storm Warning tonight :(

unixpro 03-04-08 04:56 PM

Wednesday in Seattle is expected to be 53 degrees and sunny, with winds from the NNW at 5MPH.


scoatw 03-04-08 06:00 PM

Here in Columbus the temps are above freezing so that means the roads are dry. Even tho we had rain all day. The rest of the week they are calling for cold temps in the 30f-18f range. It ain't over yet, but soon. We'll see the temps start to change drastically. So keep the road tires handy.

vger285 03-06-08 04:48 AM

Back in the deep freeze,looks like two or three more weeks with the mountain bike before i can roll the Footbike out and put it into action,Just gonna have to hang in there i guess, it will come!shorts and a tee shirt,thats what im looking for!

andrelam 03-06-08 10:12 AM

Spring? What is that again?

So far we have a major snow even scheduled to arrive tomorrow night, apparently this has the potential to drop more snow that Tuesday's lovely weather. For the next 10 days the highest temperature will be 38F, but mostly it will be between 20F and 28F, and with average winds ranging from 8 to 22 MPH. This may be one of those years where we go straight from Winter into Summer weather and we pretty much skip Spring.

Happy riding,

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