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sophie tucker 11-11-03 05:03 PM

face visors
hi, all. this is my second post here.

i have been a winter biker for eight years now. besides the glasses fogging up as was mentioned in an earlier thread, my skin is too exposed. (three scarves, Carmex, and putting my hooded sweatshirt on backwards didn't help! :) )

does anyone know if there are any helmets out there with face visors? or have any ideas on how to protect your skin?

my next stop- and soon, dagnabbit! will be a motorcycle helmet. i don't really like them, but it would solve both of my problems: fog and frostbite.

figured i'd try hear first. i am open to creative solutions. ;) :p

sophie tucker

pinerider 11-11-03 05:29 PM

Welcome to the boards, Sophie. Do a search on "visor", there's 4 or 5 threads from last winter on this subject that should give you lots of info. I think Louis Garneau sells a helmet visor and has some in their catalogue too (on sale - 2 for $25).
I just use safety glasses for my eyes and find a Louis Garneau bellaclava very useful - covers the forehead, neck, chin and cheeks if it's cold or can be pulled down to just cover the neck, leaving the face open when it's warmer. Visors tend to fog up, can't remember if anybody on the forum here used them much.

sophie tucker 11-11-03 09:50 PM

hey, thanks! actually, i had typed 'visor' in Search and gotten 2 threads- when you type 'visors' it works better!


Jay H 11-12-03 07:04 AM

I have one of these that I use in the winter. It's very versitile cause it can be used in many different ways to cover up the whole face like a balaclava or just the neck or just the ears. All it is a long tube that is elastic enough so you can fit it to your head in many different ways...


KrisA 11-12-03 07:53 AM

A fleece balaclava and a old pair of ski gogs work great for me.

sophie tucker 11-12-03 08:14 AM

i can't cover my nose with these things and not get foggy eye-glasses. also, the moisture build-up after a couple of miles just gets icy. doesn't this happen to you guys?

Jay H 11-12-03 08:55 AM

Yes, my sunglasses fog up, I bought a set of double-walled ski goggles but have no idea if they are any better. What I do is usually when I'm stopped at a light (Winter bike commuting) I'll pull down the balaclava so my breath isn't forced up into my sunglasses or too much onto the balaclava itself.

I don't know if you can really prevent the ice buildup, other than using your fingers to displace icicles but my 10 mile commute isn't long enough to really get serious icicles to form up. I wonder if vaseline would work to prevent buildup on the balaclava, it's non toxic I think but not sure if that would be comfy...

As far as nose guard, can you make a custom nose guard out of some fleecy material cut to shape and mount that to your glasses. If using vaseline or some other kind of skin protectant doesn't work for you, you can make a nose guard as I mention. I've seen mountaineers do that as a sun block on Mt. McKinley. Use your imagination, you could make colorful ones out of different fabrics and have a different mask every day! :)


pinerider 11-12-03 03:25 PM

I only have fogging problems when I stop, so I try not to stop very much. :)

sophie tucker 11-13-03 12:25 PM

>>>so I try not to stop very much.

:D :D :D

hey, someone suggested a snowmobile helmet to me. i'm gonna look into it.


Merriwether 11-28-03 10:42 PM

I wear these. Cheaper than dirt, sold everywhere, eyes nice and warm, and they're vented and won't fog up when you ride (you do have to lift them off of your face at the stoplights, though).

These, an open-faced balaclava, and a hooded rain jacket have gotten me through all my Eastern winters. Good to real temperatures well below -10F, plus wind, driving snow, what have you.

You're kidding about the snowmobile helmet, I hope??

sophie tucker 11-29-03 03:28 PM

>>>These, an open-faced balaclava, and a hooded rain jacket have gotten me through all my Eastern winters. Good to real temperatures well below -10F, plus wind, driving snow, what have you.


my apologies if i have been late answering- my puter is in the shop. a new CPU fan, supposedly simple but i don't know how. ;-)

wind is my main concern. cool, these are cheap enuff that i can play around. when i get my own puter back, i will order one.

>>>>>>>>You're kidding about the snowmobile helmet, I hope??[/QUOTE]

where i have gotten in my quest: i'm a commuter biker. i live in a city, there are no snowmobile helmet places in town. i like to plan a trip with the car, a day restocking my cd's and socks and tracking down this kind of thing.

what didn't you like about the snowmobile helmet idea? i have never seen one.

tx for the link. :-)


Machka 12-25-03 06:31 PM

You don't need anything to cover your face - your face can take the cold because it has been exposed to all kinds of weather - it's tough.

However, to prevent frostbite when riding in extremely cold temps, use Johnson's & Johnson's Daily Protection cream smeared over your cheeks and nose. I've been out in bitterly cold temps for up to 15 hours with that, and my face didn't have a bit of frostbite. It was just fine.

trmcgeehan 12-26-03 06:12 AM

Face visor
I use an inexpensive Garneau face visor that velcros onto the helmet. Bike Nashbar has it.

landrover 12-27-03 05:25 AM

I'm also using the Garneau face visor --I put weather stripping between the velcro strips.
I wish they had a visor that didn't have the noise cutout..i am thinking about testing some swim goggles with the visor to eliminate fogging.

markevans999 12-29-03 09:16 PM

regular swim goggles will never work. they will fog up within 5-10 minutes. get a good set of double lens ski goggles. check the reviews at for the best fog free operation.

ngateguy 12-29-03 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by KrisA
A fleece balaclava and a old pair of ski gogs work great for me.

Same here but I wear safety goggles from work.

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