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Steele-Bike 12-11-01 09:58 AM

Arm Warmers
What differences are there between the polypropylene and fleece arm warmers? It seems to me fleece would be warmer.

My idea is that on not so cold days I could wear a fleece vest with arm warmers. That way I won't get to work all sweaty. Any other ideas?

velo 12-11-01 04:19 PM


Originally posted by Steele-Bike
What differences are there between the polypropylene and fleece arm warmers?
Fleece? They make just fleece arm warmers? That's news to me.

Polypropylene ones are annoying if you ask me. They keep on falling down! But, I guess that's just a skinny-armed person's opinion.

I personally love Defeet brand anything. I have their arm warmers. I find they're pretty good in any temperature that's below 60 or so. Not too thin, not too thick. You can check them out: AT THE DEFEET WEBSITE


velocipedio 12-11-01 08:08 PM

Polypro will have a tighter weave than fleece and will this be somewhat more wind resistant. The way I look at it, though, if it's so cold that the wind cutting through my arm warmers is uncomfortable, I should probably be wearing a long-sleeved jersey. Typically, I don't wear arm warmers below about 10C.

And Velo, you DO have skinny arms. What I did was take a needle and thread and cinched the top of the armwarmers so they stayed up.

Richard D 12-12-01 04:17 AM

Personally I use a fleece lined lycra type pair that work well (, I haven't had any problems keeping them on, which is different to the coolmax leg warmers I bought... :(


LightBoy 12-12-01 01:40 PM

I've got a pair of PI Thermafleece arm warmers, and I think they're great. They're lycra with a thin fleecy lining, so they're a bit warmer that just polypro (I would imagine, anyway). They get a bit too warm on days that aren't that cold, but they're easy enough to roll down, or just take off. I've never had a problem with them slipping off either, but maybe I'm just blessed.

I've found that a wicking base layer, a jersey, arm warmers, and either a wind vest of a fleece vest are usually enough to keep me warm on my morning commute.
(and because I know that someone is thinking it, yes, I wear pants too!) :)

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