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brandonmsweet 08-12-08 05:21 PM

SE lager 08 tires
Ive got an SE lager ive been riding for a few months now, and am just curious whats some of the biggest tires you guys have gotten on their. I mean its got the 28-622, im looking to put some studded tires on it and i think the closest thing i could find was something like 32-622? any suggestions for tires and rims?

jimisnowhere 09-07-08 08:46 PM

I think 30mm's are all it will take. I fit 23mm + full SKS fenders in mine and its about the max space.

This thread is a large discussion of the Dawes SST which is a generic Lager. I apologize in advance this thread's in the ever respectable and mature SSFG forum. Put your thick skin on and enter. I own the SST version and the bike's really a pleasure to ride. It acts as my city work bike, I'll be using it for about 10 hours a week of riding year round in Boston.


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