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thebeard 08-24-08 11:09 PM

Winter Beater Idea
I have an older, 01 or 02, Trek singletrack that I never use and I really want to do something about it. It's in pretty good shape, except for the scratches that my butthole acquaintance put on it while I loaned it to him in his carless period.

I also need a bike to use my grocery trailer on. I hate using my trailer on my commuter because its' hitch sucks and pulls the wheel out of true when it's fully loaded. That's beside the point.

I know people like to have single speeds in the winter for simplicity and maintenance. Should I do this? How much, on average or estimate, do lbs usually charge for taking off the cassette?

I've probably written too much for my simple inquiry, but if anyone needs to know anymore specs on the bike, I'll be more than happy to give them.



Podolak 08-25-08 06:56 AM

A single speed is an excellent way to go, if you can push the gear in your conditions.

Your LBS will chard you barely anything at all to remove a cassette. However, the tools to do it yourself are very inexpensive.

thebeard 08-25-08 09:37 AM

Yeah, I've considered getting them, but I have other necessities. Thanks so much for your feedback!


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