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Flak 09-15-08 08:43 AM

Performance Triflex tights - any good?
I hate the trainer, hate it. So im going to keep riding this winter outside. I need something for 20-40 degrees.

What do you think? Or are the Pearl Izumi AmFIB tights a better product?

Thanks winter gurus.

rogerstg 09-15-08 12:33 PM

I like the triflex tights.

CastIron 09-15-08 01:52 PM

Just make sure the crotch part has some sort of wind/weather reducing fabric. Don't ask.

andrelam 09-16-08 09:35 AM

If you are going to spend a better part of $100, why not reach out to Lou at and have him make you a pair of Winter riding pants to your exact specifications? Lou is very helpful and can discuss you riding needs and then suggest the right style of pant and materials.

Happy riding,

Flak 09-16-08 04:11 PM

I plan on spending about $50.

kingnutterrick 09-17-08 12:50 AM

I agree with andrelam. Lou has made all my winter clothes. He makes very good tights. And the price is great.

cyclezealot 09-17-08 01:29 AM

I have a pair.. Compared to what.. ? .. I have a set of Performance Rain pants. Those are really, really hot. Don't breath... I love my Triflex compared to rain pants... They seem far more water resistent than rain pants, and breath far better. A little water gets in at the seams... Still. Winter cycling.. If you want rain protection, its just not like lycra... Even when its cold, i find the inside of rain proof tights still too clammy. I'd go with the Triflex as the better solution.

FalconDriver 09-17-08 06:58 AM

I was usually a little chilly in the triflex in 20-30F weather. Liked the wind/water resistance of them, though. Calf-high socks helped me.

They won't survive a meeting with wet railroad tracks, btw.

I'd buy another pair, just haven't.

scoatw 09-21-08 02:30 PM

I use Sporthill XC pants with 3SP. They're pricey, but they work without any thermals or the like at 20f. Windproof and very comfortable. Foxwear gets good reviews also. Check out Tokyo Tights from Pearl Izumi. When you see something, do a search to find the best price. I go for Skiing specific gear for winter.

Square & Compas 09-25-08 03:05 PM

Another thing you can try is talk to your local bike shop. Tell them you found the Performance pair & you also looked into the pair from Fox Wear. They might be able to do something on the price for you with what they have. I am buying a pair of Specialized Therminal tights from my bike shop because they are reducing the price because I found the pair on Performance. Your shop may be able to do the same.

tandemonium 09-25-08 09:06 PM

I returned a pair of Izumi's as they were extremely small for their XL size rating. The ankles were too tight. I've had two pair of Triflex tights over the last 10 years and love them. They wear and wash well. The ankles accommodate thick socks and the zippers still work after a hundred washings. There is ample flex at the knees and seat. You can find them for around the $50 point if you watch for sales.

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