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Yan 09-15-08 08:42 PM

Showers Pass Touring Jacket
I'm looking at this jacket with great interest and I have a few questions:

1. Will this jacket work as the exterior layer for a -15C commute?
2. How's the fit on this jacket? I usually wear a medium. Is it baggy enough to allow layers underneath, or should buy a size larger?
3. Are the Elite or Elite 2 jackets worth the substantial price increase?


cachehiker 09-17-08 01:32 PM

I have one and I'm very pleased with it. I bought the detachable hood which is generally stashed in the trunk bag. Unless it's actually raining, I find it impedes my visibility too much. I also have their rain pants and use them here and there but they're much heavier duty than I generally need. My Mountain Hardwear Epic pants get used more often.

Although I don't generally commute below -5C, I would think it would work as an exterior layer at -15C. I have room for more layers but I have a tough time finding days to ride when it's that cold. The weather here typically goes from an inversion with air quality so bad I won't ride to snowing too heavily for me to ride to downright nasty cold (-20C) and then back to the inversion. I'm also accused of having a built in furnace though and usually get by with one layer less than everybody else.

I think the Elite and Elite 2 jackets are built more like their rain pant. I may get one at some point but it's difficult to justify here in the desert. Until I go touring through Washington or Oregon, I'll probably do without.

Bit by bit, I keep adding base layers and jackets and pants and covers to my collection to address whatever is currently getting cold so I may get down to -15C eventually.

vger285 10-05-08 06:35 AM have one to and the pant,this is the best outfit out there for winter bikeing snow/rain e-vent breathes very well and you can dress for warmth under it, i normally wear a large, but got an extra large and it is going to be fine, if your a med, i would get a large.The best place ive found to buy one is from they are a few $ cheeper!!!!

unisk8r 10-05-08 06:02 PM

Thumbs up on ShowersPass. The Touring is cut a bit more boxy, so yes, it has room for more layers. The Elite is a bit tapered, and a slimmer fit. But both models in the same size will fit the same person.

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