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cod.peace 09-15-08 09:22 PM

Anyone use Schwalbe Marathon Winter in 26"?
I'm wondering what the actual width of the 26 x 1.75 (47-559) tire is when mounted on a typical rim. Do the studs protrude far?

sumguy 09-16-08 02:01 PM

I just ordered a pair 1/2hr ago. Cheapest I found them online was at for $56. MSRP is $70+ - for that much I would've bought the Nokian M&G160 instead. I'll try and remember to post an answer after I get them if no one does before then.

cod.peace 09-17-08 09:01 AM

Thanks sumguy!

sumguy 09-20-08 05:22 AM

gonna be a slight delay - they shipped the snow stud tire instead. have to see how they handle exchange or refund.

randomgear 10-01-08 08:02 PM

For my 26x1.75 (47x559) the studs stick out about 1mm above the tread. Less in the center where they have been fully seated from riding, very slightly more on the sides away from the main contact stripe. The rubber tread/lugs vary from about 2mm deep in the center to about 4mm at the far sides of the tire.
Tire width, mounted on a Mavis 238 rim, is 44mm / 1 3/4".
Rim width, inside of bead to inside of bead is 18mm.
Tire height, above rim, about 40mm.
They grab icey plowed roads nicely, and two winter marathon's roll much easier than the single Innova studded tire that I have.
Not so great in snow of more than a couple inches. I rode them through last winter in Boston.

GTALuigi 10-01-08 08:38 PM

i got mines on size 20 for my folding bike.

can't wait to ride on them, kinda looking forward to the snow :D

randomgear 10-01-08 11:50 PM

The 26x1.75 tires are really more for ice than snow. The tires too wide to cut through deeper heavy snow, and the tread/lugs are too shallow to bite into the loose stuff. The 700c x 35 tires might do better in deepish heavy snow.
I did, however, find myself searching for black ice and frozen puddles to ride over. They really do inspire confidence on ice.

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