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metither 09-21-08 04:17 PM

detachable bike treads/DC bikers

I'm a new biker in Washington, DC. I'd like to continue biking during the winter, even when there is snow and ice outside. We don't get much here in DC, but sometimes there is enough to make conditions slippy and icy, especially on bike trails. I have seen that there are special bike tires for riding on snow/ice, as well as attachable chains (but that can only be put on when the tires are a bit deflated). I used to run and in icy conditions I would use these stretchy, crampon-like things. They're made of rubber and fit over the soles of your shoes. They have metal rings hooked onto the rubber at the bottom, giving traction on icey surfaces. Is there a similar thing for bike tires? Since conditions here are so variable, I would like something that I can take on and off easily (without deflating tires). Any ideas?

Also, if any DC area bikers have experience with winter riding, any advice would be much appreciated.


jgedwa 09-22-08 05:22 PM

My limited knowledge of topology indicates that you would have to remove the wheel anyway to strap anything on all the way around the tire. Unless it strapped or clipped or buttoned together. And then I would doubt it could be strong enough to stay on.


AEO 09-22-08 09:22 PM

for your shoe... which has edges so it will work... but for wheels which don't, I can see this being a slight problem.

you can actually strap a mesh chain to your wheel if they use disc brakes.
honestly I would just get a spare wheelset or bike.

dwr1961 09-23-08 08:39 AM

I live in Idaho and commute year 'round... If you're going to ride in icy conditions get studded tires. If you don't want to be changing tires all the time due to variable conditions then buy a cheap wheelset exclusively for your icy days.

With medical costs so high, crashing is just too expensive!

I applaud your fortitude...

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