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kccommuter 10-24-08 10:30 PM

Smith Turbo Fan Goggles - Reviews??
(Note - I also posted this in Commuting) I am considering purchasing the Smith Knowledge Turbo Fan OTG snow goggles. Read the posts here and in Commuting, but looking for any more feedback. I want to be able to ride every day all winter here in Wisconsin and want to prevent any exposed skin due the cold temps and frostbite potential - I have 45 min commute each way. I wear glasses and have had good luck with Cat-Crap, but not a good way to completely cover exposed skin yet...

These are expensive (list $150 - best price I found so far $127.46 at, but all of the reviews I read are positive. I can "justify" these by extending my season by about 2 months.

I am looking for commuters who have used these:

1. I want the clear lens for commuting in the dark. I contacted Smith Optics and they told me they only come with three options, unfortunately not clear. I would have to purchase an additional clear lens for $20. I think the next best option is Sensor Mirror - see below.

Clear: The ideal lens for night-time use. 84% VLT (Visible Light Transmission)
Sensor Mirror: Light rose base lens tint with a multi-layer mirror maximizes color definition and increases depth perception in varying levels of flat light conditions. 70% VLT.
RC36: The universal lens tint. Combines rose and copper base tints. Provides the absolute best vision in most conditions. Increases depth perception and cuts glare in all conditions. 36% VLT.
Ignitor Mirror: Proprietary new universal lens tint designed to reduce eye fatigue while enhancing contrast and depth perception in all conditions. A versatile lens tint designed to be used all season long. 35% VLT.

2. Fogging. - Everything I read is excellent. Any bad reviews out there??

3. Battery Life - From the Scott Optics website "How long does the Turbo Fan fan run? Tests were conducted in extreme conditions and the Turbo Fan fan (with fresh AAA batteries) ran at least 50 hours. (The fan uses very little power - as long as you remember to turn it off before you go to bed.)" What are you experiencing.

4. Peripheral Vision - I read some did lose some, but it was still OK. Do you agree?

Any experiences you can share would be great; I plan to make my decision in the next week or so.


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