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pwdeegan 10-28-08 02:50 PM

wheel protection
getting ready for a salty icy winter in mid-state NY. :eek: never mind the drive train, but what, if anything, can i do to protect my wheels---specifically, the spoke nipple into the rim, and the hub? The nipples are AL, the rim is a Salsa Delgado Race 29er, the spokes are just standard DTs, and the hubs are simple XTs (disc).

Is linseed oil of any use, or will it just fling off? Is there nothing to do but to clean and inspect the wheel regularly (which i plan to do to the whole bike anyway).

I don't really want to get a set of winter-only wheels; neither room for it nor budget.

AEO 10-28-08 03:58 PM

put a clear coat over it? 10-28-08 05:44 PM

just rinse it daily it'll be fine

if you want to protect it lather it up with boeshield a lot and only rinse
it. it'll look like garbage all winter BUT in summer wash it all up and
be good as new

Hezz 10-28-08 07:18 PM

Ya, if you hose it down every night and put it in the basement or kitchen to dry you will have no problems. Otherwise you can maybe use cosmoline if you can find it.

pwdeegan 10-28-08 08:40 PM

good call on the boeshield. i may try some of that, along with regular cleaning. ugly i can live with; lord knows, i've got to look at myself every morning!

thanks for all of your help and Hezz.

tsl 10-28-08 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by (Post 7750505)
just rinse it daily it'll be fine


That's what works for me up in R-Town.

JTGraphics 10-28-08 09:24 PM

I did this once to my dirt bike (motorcycle) and it worked great melted wax onto the spoke and nipple area took a hair dryer heated it up to a soft point and used my fingers to get it into the cracks of the rim and spoke threads valve stem also let it cool and it seals water tight and cleaned easly after I was done. Sounds wierd but it worked.

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