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macteacher 11-06-08 06:21 PM

Protecting your neck from rain
Hi all, I have a mec super microfit cycling jacket, but like all of their jackets none of them offer a hood. I know you can use a scull cap...but as our heads are bent do you stop the rain from entering from the back of your jacket, on your neck and down below your back.

This november/december rail at 5 degree's is brutally cold. Anyone have any neck ideas?

AEO 11-06-08 06:54 PM

hmm, never had that problem with my jackets...

get a balaclava that goes over your collar?

ghettocruiser 11-06-08 10:08 PM

Neck gaiter?. Or maybe a helmet cover . I'm thinging in a downpour some water will get in no matter what, but not the biggest issue.

I got that helmet cover like five years ago and wore it exactly once. It's for sale cheap if you want it. In yellow.

MichaelW 11-07-08 11:42 AM

A headover neck-tube.
Most neck buffs are too short to be this versatile.

Torrilin 11-07-08 02:48 PM

I don't find the rain to be a problem, if my jacket is zipped up. The collar keeps most of it out. When my jacket is open because the weather is in the 10-15C range, it is more of a problem... but at those temps, the water may feel nice for cooling me off.

I have a lot more trouble with rain cascading in via the holes in my helmet. Water tends to pool there and drain off at inopportune times. Check to make sure that's not your trouble.

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