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ebrake 11-09-08 01:37 PM

tire for chicago winter
I'm running 700x23 seca serfas tires, does anyone have a suggestion for a suitable 23 or 25 flat resistant, but not too slow rolling winter tire? Can I get by with my current tires until the snow and slush starts, or does the colder pavement alone warrant the use of a winter tire?


gomadtroll 11-09-08 06:14 PM

A LBS guy said Schwalbe did the research and came up with: tire width doesn't significantly affect rolling resistance below 15mph. In the winter here, no bare pavement, I am happy with 15mph around town. Its not the cold pavement but any moisture in contact with freezing pavement is ice. Ice = studs, snow= knobbies, and probably fat tires.

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