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gerv 12-23-08 09:00 PM

Alaska ice biking 350 miles
Found this video on the New York Times site today. Where do we sign up?

scoatw 12-23-08 10:14 PM

or this one. It might be closer to your house.

Giro 12-23-08 11:13 PM

... and 350 miles is the short course. 1,100 is full course!
And reading the article LINK, 350 miles is the short course to get more participants. The real Iditarod Trail Invitational is a full 1,100 miles. Only 28 men and 2 women have finished it in 9 years of racing.

Think I'll decline the invitation if I get one by mistake.

Cosmoline 02-18-09 04:14 PM

The most I've done in the winter up here is 40 miles and that was in Anchorage and nearly did me in. Winter riding, esp. out on that exposed country, is unlike anything most people can imagine. If it's not interstellar cold it's chinooks and muck. You never get a brake, and if you push too hard Alaska pushes right back.

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