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so who has Elite Nanogelite bottles ?
I have a pair coming...should be here Jan 2

I use 2 Polarbottles, but those things will still freeze up before I am done riding
when it is 20 deg out. they start so hot they practically melt and are stiff as
a board in 1 hour...and freeze in 2 hours...gonna test the Elite and see if they are better.

since the Elite uses aerogel, [and I am blown away by the performance of
toasty feets]....I reckon the elite bottle will blow away the polar bottle
by a large margin

they had better, because 1) they are expensive and 2) don't hold a lot

I will go for some rides with each bottle at same starting temp and post my results

modernjess 12-29-08 02:57 PM

Those look very promising for year round use. Please post a follow up review or something once you've had a chance to test them out.

The toasty feet are great. The aerogel seems to have huge potential, this seems like a perfect application.

Winter SPD boots lined with aerogel would be my next request. 01-02-09 01:48 PM


so they have arrived. I haven't tested them yet but:

they have a large many-threaded screw cap further isolating the top, so the
top is less likely to freeze vs a polar bottle

it has an inner layer like a polar bottle, but instead of foil inside,
it has aerogel granules, loose. you can shake the bottle and see the
grains of aerogel.

temperature performance test tonight. one polar bottle vs one nanogelite,
one sip each for the duration of the ride (prob 3 hours) and see what happens

yesterday both my polar bottles froze to slush in 2 hours.

oh yeah of course these are squeeze bottles and are advertised as such, but damn you
need f'n gorilla grip to squeeze them....

pmt 01-02-09 04:37 PM

I got actual metal thermos-type bottles that fit in a regular water bottle cage, and have a pop top like a regular water bottle. My drink is still hot at the end of a 1.5 hr ride even at 15 deg F. Just Google around to find them; there's several makers. 01-03-09 04:20 PM

ok the results are in

elite nanogelite easily last twice as long as polar bottles.

filled them with really warm gatorade...then hit the trail

I did 2, 4 hour rides, and compared temps and gosh golly gee when
the polar was dispensing cold, the elite was still warm. 1 hour later the
elite was just cool, and the polar was ice cold but not icy

got home, ice chips in the polar, none in the elite, and it was cold
but not ice cold

elite bottles are the new standard in thermo plastic bike bottles, worth
the price (ummm, maybe, they still cost a crapload of $$)

2_i 01-03-09 05:37 PM

Elite Bottles??
Elite bottles are an expensive junk. See:

Bike Tea

for some systematic evaluation. 01-03-09 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by 2_i (Post 8118859)
Elite bottles are an expensive junk. See:

Bike Tea

for some systematic evaluation.

sorry, chumley, you fail hard multiple ways

-that page is not reviewing the elite nanogelite bottle. I am.
he is comparing insulated to vacuum bottles and vacuum to vacuum.
I am comparing insulated to insulated bottles,

oh and btw none of the insulated bottles listed there use aerogel,
which is way better than any other insulation...just so ya know

-I don't drink tea, I use energy drinks, because you know, I ride

-I am comparing bottles you open with your teeth. bicycling bottles you
do not have to stop and twist some top off to get a drink. who the hell
wants to stop riding for anything ? I sure don't, and don't want to stop to

-all I care about is my drink going to ice before I am done riding. I don't care
about hot. I care about slush clogs.

-I am comparing the elite to polar. not stainless steel craptacular thermos things.
you see polar bottles for sale everywhere and that is all most riders know about.
well the elite nanogelite is far better than the polar at keeping warm things warm and
cold things cold, in the land of plastic bottles and bite/mouthpiece.

IF I was gonna ride past 5 hours in winter then i would lather all up with stainless steel
but srsly, this is about yer common bike ride with twin bottle cages riding
approx 4 hours or less when it is 10 degrees-to-30 degrees. and a beverage
with 60g carb/hour energy content being available just like it is in summer.
flowing from a plastic bottle

can I make it clearer ?

-if you are gonna rag on the elite nanogelite by throwing a completely unrelated web page link
up in my thread, then stay the heck out,

go get some real info, like I did just now by -riding with the bottles in the cold-

2_i 01-03-09 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by (Post 8119308)
sorry, chumley, you fail hard multiple ways

can I make it clearer ?


fghhunter 01-04-09 08:14 PM

The question was "who has Elite Nanogelite bottles"?

could you answer the question please.

Eclectus 01-05-09 09:57 AM sells them for $24.95

bdcheung 05-19-09 01:18 PM

Sorry to bump the thread but I just found out about these bottles and was hoping the OP had some more long-term opinions. 05-21-09 10:33 AM

they work great at keeping my gatorade mix from freezing on 3 hour rides in winter
when other insulated bottles have long since iced up. I haven't had any ice build
up in them. they are weird and hard to squeeze, and the gel settles a bit (but it doesn't seem to affect them)

ChuckD6421 08-01-17 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by bdcheung (Post 8946870)
Sorry to bump the thread but I just found out about these bottles and was hoping the OP had some more long-term opinions.

Why not resurrect a long dead thread?
I've been using these bottles for 2 years now, in hot and cold weather. I mostly like them and think they're a good try. Maybe the newer models are better. The only numbers I have on their performance I can offer come from yesterday's ride: 2.5 hour ride, ~83 degrees F (28C). Started with the bottle full to the top with small ice cubes and topped off with water. The ice held up through the ride and there were traces left at the end. But since the bottle would've been refilled at that point were it a longer ride, it's adequate.
My only real complaint is you need a pretty good grip to get liquid out, more than I care to apply. But the trade-off (aside from the decent insulating performance) is you tend to be a bit more conservative in usage.
I would recommend them.

Edit: just to add, I got them off The Great Provider, Amazon.

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