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mikesbikester 12-30-08 02:58 PM

Hi, Ive been reading some of the threads in the winter cycling forum, and got inspired to take out my winter bike. so I was cruising across a lake in town. It was very windy today so there was no snow on it. there was also no snow on it because it all melted in the last 2 days (shouldve been a sign). that being said, i get to the sunny side of the lake and the ice starts cracking. go figure. so i shift into a higher gear and start booking it towards the shore. almost all the ice along the shore is gone. I headed for the nearest spot where there was ice touching the shore. when i got there, I tried to wheelie so that i could get onto the shore, the rise was about a foot. after my front wheel is up, all the ice around me cracks. luckily, im only up to my knees in water. anyway, on my ride home I was wondering if anything similar has happened to any of you.

LarDasse74 12-30-08 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by mikesbikester (Post 8097984)
I was wondering if anything similar has happened to any of you.

No, not to me. I am SMART ENOUGH to avoid uncertain ice. ;)

JK.. I have had a couple of incidents while skiing - once I was skiing across a creek with very very deep snow and the snow started to fall away and i realized there was no ice under the snow... another time I was skiing across a swamp and the ice gave weigh and i fell in to around my knee - and both the tips and tails of the skis were pointing directly upward, then one snapped as I was pulling myself out.

Also, on two separate occasions I was XC skiing with a dog and the dog fell through the ice. Once was through an ice fishing hole, the other was just soft ice on a shallow river... both dogs scrambled up out of the water and were no worse for wear.

andrelam 12-30-08 03:38 PM

I've never gone through the ice, but remember when I was growing up in Holland that when it finally got cold enough to get some descent ice, we'd be out skating avery day. When the inevitable thaw would hit we'd keep on skating on the ponds in the park even when you had to hop over the last foot or two from the edge because it would be completely melted. I remember on a few occasions when skating was super good that the whole student body at my elementary school was chanting to the principle to give us an "ice day" so that we could go skating. I don't recall him actually granting it... but I do remember the ie skating. The irony is that Holland as become so well know of ice skating, but the Winters are usually too mind to give more than a few days of good skating weather here and there. My cousin was a lot "braver" than me, and he went through the ice a few times. Thankfully the water ways in his area were only about 4 to 5 feet deep so he just got VERY cold, but didn't risk drowning.

As a side note during our first year in the USA we were living in Tulsa OK, and we had a good long cold snap. My dad went scouting and found some nice water ways near a golf course that were perfect for skating. Since there was no snow ther were still some folks golfing in the fridget weather. The looks on their faces was precious. Seeing a bunch of people on speed skates next to the golf course... I think they might have been less suprised if a UFO were to have landed. They were all freaked out about our safety. We checked that the ice appeared to be 6 to 12" thick... You could have probably driven on it with a car. I miss skating, but I now ride my bike even more than when I live in Holland.

Happy riding... and stay DRY!

Machka 12-30-08 03:50 PM

In 2004, I fell through the ice into the river behind my place while snowshoeing ... but not while cycling.

DogBoy 12-30-08 04:25 PM

I never went on the ice until I saw pickups and suburbans driving out to the fish houses. I figured it could hold me up on my skis if can hold up a land yacht. Now I see people out on the ice fishing like 20 ft from open water and it just floors me. I'm a chicken when it comes to stuff like that.

mikesbikester 12-30-08 04:37 PM

I am too really. i get so freaked out. I was testing to see if it would be strong enough, but on the side with the sun it was pretty thin. damn warm days.

brian416 12-30-08 09:16 PM

I'd advise you to be very careful especially in situations where the ice is thin. It really sucks going through the ice, you will get cold very very fast, its difficult to get out of the water with wet clothes. From someone who has gone through this, it is absolutely terrifying to be 50 feet out from shore and having the ice break underneath you while you try and slide across the ice and praying you don't completely break through.

mikesbikester 12-30-08 09:26 PM

yeah I'm gonna pay a lot more attention from now on. i probably wont ride over a frozen puddle for a long time...

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