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mnkyman 01-07-09 01:05 AM

Recommend me some leg warmers
So i purchased a pair of pearl izumi leg warmers today (which i wore with pearl izumi shorts...if it makes a difference)...they were great as far as keeping the warmth in and blocking the wind...problem is, after 5 miles i could feel them start to "fall" (they weren't as high up on my leg [under the shorts] as when i started), and by the end of a 25 mile ride, the only thing holding them up were the shorts.

It seems odd that they wouldn't add the dotted rubber along the cuff to keep it in place like they do with their shorts...

either way, any suggestions? i might try specialized...i have their arm warmers and they work out great

Bob Ross 01-07-09 08:20 AM

I've had Gore leg warmers for the past three seasons, & I've never had a problem with them falling down.

CastIron 01-07-09 09:17 AM

The Gore ones might be my next set. I've got some Ibex jobs that have held up (in all respects as it were) very well under considerable use.

nashcommguy 01-07-09 11:35 AM

Descente. They were a Christmas present. No probs w/them falling down. Easy to put on as they have zippers facing rearward. Use them w/a set of Craft winter tights when it's really cold.

dekindy 01-07-09 01:01 PM

DeFeet stay up, are warm and inexpensive. I have the Kneeker Black and have seen equally good reviews of the wool. My LBS only had the non-wool so there was no choice for me. They are great to wear by themselves in the Fall and under tights if it gets too cold for just tights. Also very comfy. They are on their third season and I have no reason to consider any others until these wear out.

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