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cruzinator 01-07-09 09:18 PM

Helmet liner using shelf-liner material
I wanted to get a little more warmth with my Bell and Giro bike helmets and I came up with a reasonable and inexpensive way to extend the comfort zone for the well-vented helmets. Just get some shelf-liner material, the thick cushioned type that is black, and cut out a pattern for the inside of your helmet. The pattern is basically a round shape with a couple pie-shaped wedges cut out of it for the straps and to conform to your head. It allows ventilation and doesn't give me brain/skull-freeze that I get with a skull cap. You may need to loosen the rear/chin straps a bit, but it does the job pretty well for 30s and 40s temperatures. Do be careful about making a template or cutting the liner material directly inside the helmet to avoid cutting your helmet straps! You may want to tape them down if you do that.

I think that by keeping my head warm I have improved keeping my hands and feet a bit warmer (the toughest to keep warm). Just thought I would pass this idea along since it's so easy to do and is relatively inconspicuous if you prefer not to have a helmet cozy or cover.

Jurgen 01-07-09 09:20 PM

What do you do about ears?

cruzinator 01-07-09 09:36 PM

At these temperatures I go bare on the ears (or help my hair drape over them a tad). It's sometimes cold the first few minutes, but they warm up pretty quickly as the engine warms up--enough to get by. I rode over 40 miles in 31-41 F temps on New Year's Day and I never noticed any issues. I like that it still gives ventilation too, just less of it. FYI, I do have a beard so that probably helps my situation overall.

rogerstg 01-08-09 06:10 PM

Good idea. But if you use tape to cover the vents you can pull some off as you ride if it gets too warm.

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