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cooleric1234 01-10-09 08:18 PM

Tire Pressure for Nokian A10 700x40
I just bought some of these tires (Nokian A10, 700x40) and the sidewall just says inflate to 50 psi. From what I've read here most people adjust the psi according to conditions, lower pressure for snow and/or ice and higher for dry roads. I was just wondering what a safe range is for this tire, as it doesn't supply a range like most tires I've seen. Thanks.

AEO 01-10-09 08:48 PM

well, what's your weight?

cooleric1234 01-10-09 11:09 PM

I weight around 200 lbs.

AEO 01-11-09 01:49 AM

you would want somewhere around 45psi for the rear and 40psi for the front, with 10% as the optimal tyre pressure.
quite sure you can go up to 60psi on the high end and 20psi on the low end.

RAPIDCITYRACER 01-11-09 07:34 PM

Depends on Rims and other things
It depends also on your rim width. Wider tires seem to allow me to run at lower pressures attaining the same feel as lets say a more narrow rim at a higher pressure. I can tell you I weigh about 10 more pounds than you and run with 1-2 bags adding an additional 10-25 pounds depending on the day.

So, I can also tell you I own these and have run them from a range of 25 all the way to 80 pounds. The higher the pressure the better/faster it rolls. You can always run your tires higher than they say. I tend to do it more on MTB or commuter tires rather than really high PSI road tires. Be careful with those as they can blow easier at higher pressure, you are usually running at higher speeds, and they tend to not be as burly as winter and/or commuter tires. Its just MHO. Up to you.



jwbnyc 01-11-09 09:51 PM

Nokian rates the 700c 40mm A10 for 50-65psi according to the spec page on their site.

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