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vbwstripes 01-13-09 05:31 PM

Tire question
I bought a nokian mount and ground 160 for my front, but I couldn't get one for the back because I bought the last one through Ben's. I guess I planned on getting two, but the bike seemed to do decently well with a 26x2.1 slick on the back. I found an old mountain bike tire that is a little thinner and has nubs, and when I took it out today I was sliding all over the place and actually felt scared for the first time on the ice. Any body care to comment or tell me why I almost took a spill when I changed to the nubby tire.

pwdeegan 01-13-09 05:47 PM

surface area and friction?

Lebowski 01-13-09 06:00 PM

on perfectly smooth (dry pavement) conditions slicks perform better than knobbies because they put more rubber on the road. but i dont think that applies to ice.

I'd tend to think from experience that a slick would just spin in place on ice. unless you keep your center of gravity nearly perfect and apply small consistent amounts of pressure on the pedals at a very slow cadence/speed.

pretty much anything with out studs is questionable on ice for any kind of distance

vbwstripes 01-14-09 09:14 AM

I agree, maybe it was just a lot icier than I have ever ridden on. Gotta get studs, or turn the nubby into a DIY studded tire.

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