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Galoot 01-14-09 10:13 AM

Bar Mitts
I bought a pair of these at the Madison bike swap this past weekend, and I've used them the past couple of days for my commute. Short version--they're GREAT.

I usually need the thickest, warmest gloves and mittens to keep from freezing my fingers on my 8.5 mile commute. I've been using a pair of REI double layer thingies--gloves on the inside, with a mitten shell. Even with that, I often need a chemical warmer when it is subzero, or near zero.

With the Bar Mitts, I can take the entire outer mitten shell off, and I'm completely comfy with just the lightweight inner glove. And it was COLD this morning, 0 deg F with a substantial wind. I got the Large size of Bar Mitts, and after just a mile or so, the body heat from my hands and forearms makes it good and toasty inside the neoprene.

No connection at all with the company, just happy that I have warm hands for my ride!

bcbcbc 01-14-09 11:25 AM

They sure sound like A Good Thing. If I end up biking a second winter they are on my list.

What about theft/vandalism/weather when parking?
Are they pretty secure or one more thing to take off and schlepp inside or what?
How about snow blowing into them when the bike is sitting?

andrelam 01-14-09 11:59 AM

I just got the Climmit from SideTrak two weeks ago and have been equally amazed. I found the Climmits from one of the recent postings. They were only $37. I also got the toe clip covers that have greatly improved comfort while riding. Last year I mostly used my winter boots, but they are just not ideal for cycling. Now I can use my Merril Ventilator shoes even though it is about 12F outside and don't need to cover them up any more. This morning it was 2F outside (not including wind chill) and I could ride with just a pair of non-insulated full fingered gloves... amazing. Using Climmits is so much more comfortable than wearing extra thick ski gloves.

Happy riding,

ibexbiker 01-15-09 04:12 PM

not yet for flat handle barsl
I was at the Madison swap meet last saturday. Talked with the manufacture of Bar Mitts. He said he didn't expect such a demand for flat handle bar Bar Mitts. He currently doesn't even manufacture them but will in the future. He said I could email him in the future, mention I talked with him at Madison and get Bar Mitts at the Madison swap meet price($45?). He did say he'll be back in Madison next year with flat handle bar Bar Mitts.

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