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sbachmeier 02-06-02 11:14 PM

ski-bike-ski biathlon in Madison WI
Couldn't resist giving this event a shot:

Joe Gardner 02-06-02 11:31 PM

Welcome to the forums, looks like you will fit right in! Thats quite an interesting event, was this the first year it was held? Do you plan on having more? Im not in the area, but i know a few members here are. Quite a few people here XC ski aswell :)

sbachmeier 02-06-02 11:41 PM

This was a first-time event (sort of a proof-of-concept, if you will)...but I wouldn't be surprised if Joe King (MadNorSki webmaster, and organizer of the event) tries to round up support for another one next season. Sure was fun!

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