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MGtrack 09-13-09 07:13 AM

Sidi heated insoles
This is the first time I've seen this for cycling Heated clothing has been popular with motorcyclists for years.

jharte 09-13-09 08:10 AM

Interesting idea. A couple of years ago I found some material that you could cut and attach to a battery pack to heat an area (insoles, hand warmers, etc) but I just did a Google search and couldn't find it.

If you heat your feet for really cold winter riding, make sure your feet can breath out the perspiration. Last winter I stuck an air activated foot warmer in each of my shoes. After about 7 miles my feet started getting REALLY cold. I stopped and took the foot warmer out and sure enough, the foot warmer froze into a solid block of ice! Plus, my socks were wet for the rest of my ride to work!

I'll probably try something similar again this year but I'll need to change my strategy a little. Still, awesome idea!

Jerry H

Johannes 10-02-09 07:45 AM

i was loving the idea of the sidi foot warmers. i was asking for opinions in the road bike section and got only negative reviews about the reliability of them. the one BS stocking them gave up on them as well. i was hoping for an update for the upcoming winter, but didn't find any news about it yet.

AcornMan 10-02-09 07:59 AM

Intriguing idea, but holy cow those things are expensive!

extreme_ride 10-02-09 08:07 PM

I would suggest looking at what skiers use there are a couple of options that can be had and from what I have heard they work.

Woods 10-04-09 12:24 PM

this is good

nwmtnbkr 10-04-09 12:36 PM has heated socks on special today for $25.99 and they're powered by regular D-sized batteries. Here's the link for anyone interested.
I don't know how well these will hold up, especially to washing.

Woods 10-04-09 12:47 PM

It does nothing for me ,compare to hottronics

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