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alienx 09-17-09 10:21 AM

Tall guy clothes???
I was wondering what you tall thin people wear for tights? I have a solid 34" inseam and I wear a medium sized Pearl Izumi short, so I am sure I am going to have problems finding a Fall/Winter tight (and most other clothes for that matter!).

Has anyone with my body shape found a decent fit??


tsl 09-17-09 06:09 PM

I wear medium shorts and have a 33" inseam.

Nashbar has tights in tall sizes. Not insulated or windfront or bibs, but they're okay for the price, and have enough stretch to fit over a baselayer. Their mediums are actually a bit long on me. I needed one inch, and these have two.

In both Sugoi and Endura bib tights, their large size fit me best. I can't even get their mediums over my quads. I found them right at my LBS.

There are plenty of bike shops in NYC. Why not shop around and try some on?

alienx 09-18-09 06:34 AM

I'm going to try to find some in the stores like you said just so I can see where I am. My buddy mentioned nashbar too. I have to admit I feel overwhelmed by this new hobby. Way too many choices to make! Wanna talk about tire tubes!?:lol:

Ablaut 09-18-09 06:30 PM

I have a pair of those tights from the link tsl posted. 35" inseam and the mediums fit me perfectly.

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