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AcornMan 10-06-09 06:19 PM

Gloves: Pearl Izumi Cyclone vs Specialized Deflect?
I bought a pair of Specialized Deflect gloves a couple weeks ago. They are rated down to 50 degrees, and although I know some people are comfortable wearing them in colder temps, my hands freeze if I wear them when it's below 50 or maybe the high 40s.

Today I tried on some Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves at a different LBS. They are a bit more comfortable and have MUCH better padding, but in terms of thickness and warmth they seem very, very close to the Specialized Deflects. The materials seem to be almost identical unless I'm missing something.

So, to anyone who has tried both, is one warmer than the other? I have some nice thick gloves for temps down in the 30s or even a little lower, but my hands sweat in them when the temps are in the 40s. I need something in between those and the Deflects.

Hezz 10-06-09 06:47 PM

I can't tell you which of these is warmer. I have the Deflects and like you say, they are perfect for 50 degree F riding.

In the past I have found that generally cycling gloves that offer good dexterity and feel are only good to about 48-50 F. There is a point for me at around 45 F and below that I have to think more of the insulation in the glove. There are bike gloves that are warmer but they are made more like ski gloves.

jR21 10-06-09 09:59 PM

I just purchased some Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves last week. Not familure w/ the other brand, however my first ride w/ the Cyclone gloves was temped around 42 degrees. They felt comfortable, and even seemed like they would be comfortable w/ even cooler weather. My next ride the temp was about 56 degrees, again, the felt comfortable. Both rides my hands were warm but not hot and sweaty. They fit great.. I've read about some durability issues w/ them however.. guess we'll see, good luck. my input. jR

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