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MAK 10-15-09 01:36 PM

Winter tire question
I live in the northeast/midatlantic region and this year, instead of exclusively spinning at the Y, I also plan to ride my road bike outdoors throughout the winter. Currently I'm using Vittoria Diamonte Pro tires. I have a pair of used but usable Armadillos and I'm wondering if I'd be wise to use those until spring. I will ride in the cold but not in snow, sleet, etc. nor will I ride if the streets are too wet. Speed isn't a concern as these will be training/maintenance/enjoyment rides. I know that flats occur more often in inclement weather but I'm wondering if winter weather and the cold make the roads more prone to causing flats even on "clear" days. If it matters, I'm an avid rider (100+ miles a week during the spring, summer and fall) and I'm a bit over 200 lbs.

Am I over thinking this? I'd appreciate any input. Thank you.

cachehiker 10-15-09 03:00 PM

My impression is that glass and metal and the like are better lubricated when wet and therefore cut through a tire's tread and casing faster and easier in wet weather. Many commuter tires have treads that look like they were designed to channel away water even though it is unnecessary (hydroplaning is not a problem for bike tires) and these channels also tend to pick up and hold such debris.

I think the Armadillos would be up to the challenge but I still wouldn't ride without a spare tube and such.

Barrettscv 10-15-09 03:22 PM

I stopped using Armadillos, I found them to be slick on wet pavement. After two falls on cold & wet streets, I went back to Gatorbacks.

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