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cnnrmccloskey 10-29-09 11:11 PM

Fixed Gear fender problem
Living in portland It rains pretty much year round and as such I'm VERY used to being wet and have never even considered fenders, but over the past year my bike became my primary mode of transportation. Up to now the rain/wet conditions havn't really bothered me as its generaly warm enough for it not to be a problem. Well its starting to get real cold and real wet around here and I went and fished a pair of fenders out of my garage. Now the problem, I don't run a rear brake so after installing my front fender I ran into the problem of not having a bolt to attach the fender to. I have one other fender that just clips to the seatpost but Sheldon brown's website says they don't do enough to be worth it. So is there another bolt I could put through there or is my best option just gonna be to fill up the bolt on a rear brake with spacers.
Any ideas/Advice greatly appreciated, my ass is wet and its uncomfortable.

jviking 10-29-09 11:16 PM

I live in Chicago and only need a fender once in a while so I use

works fine for me.... although I am getting a full set like

for the winter....

Idk, although I do love my clip on to death and it keeps my butt and backpack plenty dry.

cnnrmccloskey 10-29-09 11:24 PM

Well from what I've heard about chicago if a clip on will do you through the winter I might just have to disregard Sheldons feelings and give it a go.
Thanks much mate

jviking 10-29-09 11:27 PM

No problem and good luck. If you change your mind you could probably get the right size bolt and some spacers at a hardware store to make the fender fit (if the bike is drilled for brakes).

cnnrmccloskey 10-29-09 11:35 PM

oh yes its drilled, when I say fixed gear what I really mean is "Bastardized '83 gitane superchallenge" But I love her only reason I converted her to fixed was I took a nasty crash when I got my wheel caught in some light rail tracks and really whacked my derailer out of whack and destroyed my drop bars and one of my brake levers, although I'll say up until then I rode the bike with fully stock parts and never had a single issue. Although that damn solida crankset uses some kinda obsolete BCD so I'm stuck running 42 or 52 till I replace the crankset.

ianjk 11-06-09 03:53 PM

Just get a nut and bolt, should cost about a buck. :)

JasonC 11-06-09 09:48 PM

My experience with clip-on fenders (specifically the Planet Bike model) has not been great. They work.... but not nearly as well as full fenders (I bought the Planet Bike Hardcore ATB).

I can't quite picture the problem you are having with a bolt. If it as simple as buying a nut/bolt as someone suggested.... seems like that would work! My PB Hardcore fender in front attaches to a hole in the top of the fork with a bolt; the rear with a zip tie. And then of course there are stays on both sides of the fenders...


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