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Snowcialist 10-30-09 04:15 PM

What SRAM group on my winter triple?
I have an old 1990 Bridgestone RB2 I was planning to set up for winter riding. Still has all the original equipment, and will need new tires, shifters and derailleurs. Can't bear to ride the old Suntour anymore. I just bought a new road bike with SRAM so I want to be consistent so I don't confuse myself. What SRAM parts will handle a 7 speed cog and a triple crank? Will Rival shifters/brakes and an x-7 long cage RD do it?

Hezz 11-01-09 11:43 AM

You just need to get a seven or eight cog rear cassette. For winter riding it might be a good idea to get an eight cog mountain bike cassette with something like a 11-28 spread. You can then get a eight speed mountain bike rear derailleur. Sram, if you want. Seven speed parts are hard to find. I would go with a cheap steel rear cassette from Nashbar. If the original front chainrings were triple then you should be able to put a triple road crank on without much trouble. You may just have to change out the type of bottom bracket bearings depending on what the cranks you have require.

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